Formula Wincars releasing on PC this year

By Michael Jamias
formula wincars 2014 release

Tired of all the realistic racing mmorpg games running around these days? Then you'll want to check out Formula Wincars, the fun online racing arcade game from DragonJam Studios set to launch sometime in 2014.

The best we can describe it is a distant granchild of Gran Turismo and Mario Kart, where you can ride cool formula racing cars and tune them up to your specification, and then take them out for a spin in zany circuits filled with speed accelerators and power-ups.

This Formula Wincars prealpha gameplay video gives you a first look at the PC title:

According to the press release, Formula Wincards will have a so-called multiplayer synchronized mode where racers from around the world can compete or cooperate in the same track. Developers stressed that variety of content will be a strong suit for Formula Wincars. It will offer multiple and unique gameplay modes, as well as plenty of circuits and cars to unlock.

Car customization will also be heavily supported, which should please online rpg fans, so you can look forward to tweaking your fantasy car to suit the different racing terrains or just to change up its paint job when you feel like it.

Formula Wincars will be free to play with optional, presumably paid, add-ons and is gunning for release “by the end of 2014.”



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