Flappy Bird becomes a MMO

By Tam Mageean
flappy bird mmo

It's without a doubt the most talked about game of the week, and despite the year being young, is set to be the most talked about game of 2014.

Flappy Bird has made the headlines for several reasons; from its viral popularity, to its negative effects in the economy, it has truly transcended all genres and interests, giving the whole world something to talk about.

This week, of course, Flappy Bird's last flap was felt all around the world; as developer, Dong Nguyen made the brave (albeit confusing) decision to withdraw the free to play mobile title from the apple and android marketplaces, despite allegedly making around $50,000 a day in ad sales.

Since then, gamers everywhere have been scouring the net, in search of ways to play the addictive game, paying up to thousands of dollars on ebay for phones and tablets that still have Flappy Bird installed.

For those of you who still have itchy flapper-fingers, fear not, for a solution has been found. A competitive mmo version has revealed itself.

The browser mmo, titled "FlapMMO" has taken no time at all to rise to fame and pits players against live internet opponents, as you flap your way to victory.

Besides the obvious, mulitplayer difference, it's very much one and the same with Flappy Bird, but the added competitive backdrop certainly adds a nice twist.

Lets us know your thoughts on the Flappy Bird MMO in the comments section below.



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