Fantasy Realm Online has launched

By Michael Jamias
fantasy realm online launch

Fantasy Realm Online is one of those mmorpg games that have flown under the radar, but it's looking to make a splash now that it's officially launched.

The free to play mmo is designed to appeal to sandbox fans and draw you in with its likeness to the iconic Ultima series. What this new title lacks in flashy graphics it makes up for in classic rpg adventures that just might keep you enthralled.

Watching this Fantasy Realm Online trailer should help you make a decision on whether to give this indie title a shot:

Fantasy Realm Online's more unique features include the less-explored aspect of playing as a merchant.

Sure, in many rpg games you can craft and sell things. But can you quickly name a recent release that lets you apprentice under shop keepers and really immerse yourself in the role of a trader?

If you're more repelled than charmed by Fantasy Realm Online's retro rpg look and feel, then you'll be interested to know that it's planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign soon (Details will be revealed late January.) With the likes of Star Citizen racking up millions, this may just be the financial push developers need to make the game more polished to your liking.



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