Excalibur goes free to play on iOS

By Tam Mageean
excalibur ios

Seize the Realm! Role-playing on your iOS device no longer has to come at a price, as Excalibur launches on IOS platforms, and goes free to play. Last month the side-scrolling MMO launched, as an open beta, on Android devices, and the move to free to play on iOS indicates that the team at Excalibur are expecting big things to come to your little screen.

R2 Games have said that the move will allow them to focus on in-game content, and that they are already working on a huge update, in the form of their forth playable class; the Archer.

To celebrate the iOS launch, R2 Games are hosting 4 events. Rewarding all participants with gift codes, Gold, Diamonds and loads more.

Excalibur Screenshot

Developed by Linekong, Excalibur boasts that it's the world's first side-scrolling MMORPG on iOS and Android, combining MMORPG and Beat-Em-Up mechanics, similar to the Steam side-scroller, ElsWord and following in the footsteps of other R2 favorites, such as Wartune, Crystal Saga and Eternal Saga.

The medieval MMO features solo, co-op and PvP game-play and features three current play styles; Wizard, Knight or Assassin, with more on the way.

Excalibur is available now, and can be downloaded, completely free, from the Apple app store.

Excalibur Cutscene



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