Everquest II reveals Heroic characters

By Tam Mageean
everquest 2 heroic

Everquest II has added a new, unprecedented feature into its 9 year old MMO; the "Heroic" character. The heroic character is a purchasable character class that boosts you immediately to Level 85, giving you access to all of Everquest II's higher level content. Many fans are considering this to be "pay to win" and detrimental to the game. Everquest's fans are extremely committed to the integrity of the game, and with the recent multi-classing debate going against them in the forthcoming sequel, the knocks are coming thick and fast for fans of Everquest's more traditional aspects.

Most of Everquest II's recent updates have focused on higher level content, since the average level in a 9 year old game is significantly high. With this in mind, the new feature makes a lot of sense, since they're hoping to attract new players and show them the game at its fullest, in the hope of piquing their interest for their new upcoming expansion, Tears of Veeshan and the entirely new MMORPG, Everquest Next. With the level cap in Everquest II set at 95, this will give new players just enough time to max out before the release of the new game. Heroic purchasers will also receive 280 AA points to spend at their will.

Everquest 2 purchasable heroic

This approach, however, is sincerely frowned upon by the majority of the gaming community and undermines the hard grind put in by more committed players.

If you subscribe to Everquest II before October 15th, you get your first Heroic absolutely free, or you can trial the Heroic for free up until level 86, regardless, using their "Try Before You Buy" option

So what do you guys think? Is there anything "Heroic" about buying an already high-level character? Let us know in the comment section below!

Everquest 2 heroic class



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