Europa Universalis IV: Conquest of Paradise expansion announced

By Tam Mageean
europa universalis expansion

Build the Americas your own way as Europa Universalis IV announces its first expansion. Swedish MMO developer, Paradox Interactive have revealed that Conquest of Paradise will allow you to board your ships and head out in search of a new land; a completely randomized American Continent, providing a new and unique experience to every player.

The Europa Universalis series of RTS games is based on the global domination board game series of the same name and takes you through a developing, Colonial Europe, with EUIV situated between 1444 and 1821.

Players will now be introduced to new Colonial Nations and Native American Nations, which will be playable and come with their own new buildings, events and ideas to complement their arrival. You'll be the pioneer of your own American history in the new expansion; deciding whether America's fate will be war and independence, or peace and obedience.

Europa Universalis IV screenshot

Eager to give everyone a sneak peek; dev leads, Thomas Johansson and Johan Andersson will be running a live stream on the Paradox Interactive Twitch channel on November 7th at 8pm CET / 11am PST, showing off all of the new features.

There is, however, still a while to go until launch. Europa Universalis IV: Conquest of Paradise will be available to install, across all main digital-download platforms, from December 11th.



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