Eurogamer Expo - Day 1

By Tam Mageean
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Day 1 of Eurogamer Expo has been and gone and wow! What a turnout!

70,000 gamers are expected to rain down on Earls Court over the weekend, hoping to try the latest games for this winter/spring. The MMORPG-ers have been represented well in Europe, with the likes of Infinite Crisis, Elder Scrolls Online, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot and Destiny all flexing their proverbial muscles in the main hall.

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Here's a quick rundown of what you missed, and what you should be checking out.

1. Guild Wars 2 made a special announcement, detailing their new update, Twilghlight Assault, which goes live next Tuesday. Guild wars are hoping to change the world of Tyria, and evolve it to meet the needs of its players. The main things to take away from their presentation were that the new "Living World" platform will return to existing dungeons, the return of Caithe and other Iconics, and an additional explorable path for Level 80 in Twilight Arbor.

2. World of Tanks, one of the worlds most popular MMOs has turned up with its console edition of the game, available for the Xbox 360, later this year.

3. Elder Scrolls online is here on the PS4, complete with early beta sign-ups. Early review to follow shortly.

4. Dragons Prophet, a free to play fantasy MMO is giving away an exclusive in-game Eurogamer Dragon for visitors to their booth.

5. Flight combat MMO War Thunder is here on the Oculus Rift in glorious HD. This is truly something you can't afford to miss!

6. Infinite Crisis is showing off the latest version of its upcoming MOBA right by the main entrance. Go check it out!

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All this and more will be covered over the next 3 days. Can't make it to Eurogamer Expo? Lets us know what you'd like us to check out below!



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