Eternal Saga Enters Alpha

By Josh Wirtanen
Eternal Saga Enters Alpha

Browser-based MMORPG Eternal Saga has officially gone into alpha. Developed by 4399 Studios and published by Reality Squared Games, this fantasy MMO swung wide its alpha test doors on Friday, June 12 at 10 AM EDT on the R2Games platform. This first testing period is scheduled to last until July 18th.

The basic premise of the game is that you, along with other players, attempt to save the world from a demon invasion while obtaining unique skill sets and raising pets to fight alongside you.

An official press release lists some of the game's features: "The world of Eternal Saga is full of delightful art, strange environments, and awesome creatures. Traverse lush forests, frozen tundras, or subterranean caves. Clear out the Narcissus in Aymay Forest, or take your pet Urso along to help you fight against the other factions in Faction Wars. Players can even try their hands at fishing, winning cool prizes in their quest to catch legendary fish. When you’ve had a long day, hang out at the Amour Shore and relax with friends."

Perhaps most interesting, though, is that the game's first mount is a paper airplane. The press release explains: "Whiz around the vast world of Eternal Saga on your first mount: a paper airplane. Feed it your old equipment and watch it grow in strength, or put your focus on finding newer, more powerful mounts."

Eternal Saga is playable in a browser window and is free to play.

Eternal Saga Goes into Alpha



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