EGX London 2014 tickets are now on sale

By Tam Mageean
egx 2014 tickets

EGX London (also known as EuroGamer) is widely considered Europe's answer to Penny Arcade's PAX Prime expo; premiering all of the biggest games for the following year to the public, in a four day event like no other.

Unlike a lot of the big expo's, it isn't just about the the triple-A console titles at EGX, and free to play, indie and mmo titles regularly take center stage. Last year, we saw the likes of Dragon's Prophet, Infinite Crisis, World of Tanks 360 and an Oculus Rift VR supported version of War Thunder. It was also, of course, where the world got their hands on the (still) hugely anticipated Elder Scrolls Online.

EGX 2014

Alongside all of the early gameplay demos and location tests, it's also a great place to meet the developers of your favorite mmo games, with teams flying from all over the world to gather feedback, meet the fans and deliver exclusive, insider peeks at the development process. ArenaNet and NCSoft debuted the progressive, Living World system for Guild Wars 2 there too, which has since been one of the best, and most revolutionary event systems of recent times.

You can buy tickets for individual days, early entry, or get the all-inclusive "Super Pass", right now, from the official EGX London website.



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