Eclipse War Online closed beta commences next week

By Michael Jamias
eclipse war online closed beta start

Eclipse War Online kicks off its two-week closed beta on February 25 lasting until March 11.

Developers highlighted three  "groundbreaking" features that players can check out during the closed beta.

First is the Character Transformations feature, which allows a player to take the physical form of all beasts and monsters in the upcoming MMORPG. Plus the transformation grants you unique stats and 4 additional skills.

To do the transformation, you'll need to pick up a special Transformation Card of the beast or monster you want to copy. There are 700+ cards to collect with the rarest ones probably dropping from the hardest challenges.

The second feature to watch out for is the PvP mode, which is described as "an exciting 3 Lane AOS mode complete with towers and minions, Arena mode, and more."

Third and last is the living World dynamics. Each species is a prey or predator for another, resulting in specific combat strengths and weaknesses depending on which enemy you're facing. In fact, simply knowing what time of day it is and your geographic location may influence your gaming session for that day.

Eclipse War Online is from the same developer of other online rpg games like ROHAN: Blood Feud and Seal Online so don't be surprised that the only prerequisite to joining the closed beta is to become a member of



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