E3: Eterlands MOBA Announced

By Jeff Francis
Eterlands moba announced

The moba marketplace is getting mighty crowded as it seems every game company has at least one title in the works. One of these new contenders made their presence known at E3 this week when the Eterlands moba was announced through the use of a highly effective trailer. It appears that this mmo may be more than your standard moba that players have become accustomed to.

To begin with, the graphics of the Eterlands moba are simply gorgeous. The environments change realistically based upon the weather and time of day. The one thing that players will look forward to is the game's claim of fully destructible environments. This will lead to a great deal of shifting strategies on the battlefield. If the enemy is holding a lane successfully, perhaps some players can plow their way through a thick forest to create a bypass. Another situation could be where players destroy a bridge to cut off the enemy from crossing a river to attack their base, buying them time to regroup.

Eterlands promises to be a realistic moba game. As such, combat looks to be incredibly brutal. The website of the mmorpg states, "Imagine a game where a huge punch can really break bones leaving no chance to survive, where a superhot magic plasma annihilates everything what it touches including the ground itself. If someone gets a huge hit, their body flies away knocking over other characters and minions. Arrows have real deadly wounds if they hit flesh. You always have to be very cautious because life and death is only separated by one wrong decision. You need to be a real team player to survive on the battleground."

So far, there's not too much other information on the Eterlands website, but that's sure to change in the near future. From the look of the trailer, the game looks fun to play and if they can deliver on their promises, it should break out of the crowded moba pack.



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