Dreamhack Winter starts today

By Tam Mageean
dreamhack winter

It has been a gruelling year of trials, gaunlets, practice and preparation, but at long last, Dreamhack Winter has arrived! Dreamhack Winter is, without a doubt, the World's largest digital festival, celebrating everything from first person shooters, to beat-em ups, to competitive mmo games.

Spreading from April to November, the Dreamhack series is most famous for its championship series in the long-standing mmorts king, Starcraft II.

With half a million in Swedish Krona up for grabs (approximately $76,000), it's one of the most watched, and most rewarding tournaments, with the Grand Finals bracket taking place over the next 3 days between the 20 remaining qualifiers; all big-hitters, including the likes of MMA, Taeja, sOs, Innovation and Jaedong.

Alongside Starcraft II, you'll find a host of other tournaments in all your favorite mmo's, from CounterStrike GO, to Heroes of Newerth, to League of Legends and Quake Live, it's all going on at Dreamhack; which has swiftly became a mecca from pro-gamers the world over, who have flocked to Jonkoping, Sweden to size up their competitors.

Dreamhack will be streaming every moment, every capture and every kill on their Twitch partner, Dreamhack.tv across over an unprecidented 200 different channels; "action packed" just doesn't quite cut it!

Some big reveals are rumored to occur at Dreamhack Winter too, including some early playable footage of World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor and the hugely anticipated Bungie title, Destiny.

A full write-up of the festivals highlights is scheduled for next week, so if you don't want to miss a thing, stay tuned to mmo-play.



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