Dragon's Call II Details 1.92 Patch

By Josh Wirtanen
Dragon's Call II Details 1.92 Patch

Dragon's Call II, the side-scrolling, turn-based MMORPG from LeKool Games, has just announced the details of the game's 1.92 patch.

First of all is a new map, City of Dissan, appropriate for players at level 110-120. Additionally, you can expect to encounter new instances, such as Ancient Ruins, Ancient Forest, and Crime Scene Investigation.

Of course, with new instances come new monsters. As the official press release states: "The new monsters are more powerful, do you want to get the new equipment to arm your role and pals? Just try to beat them. By the way, please do not provoke them without good mentality and fighting force."

These monsters include the Explorer of Black Cliff, the Hunter from Magda, and the Spirit of Tree in Jungle, all shown below.

The New Monsters of Dragon's Call II.

It's not just bad guys that you'll be meeting during your adventure, though, and Patch 1.92 adds some new NPCs to help you on your way. There's Receptionist Maloney, who bids players, "Please feel free to contact me if you have any trouble," and the beautiful Fino Knicks, who warns, "This is an ancient city with a history of a thousand year. Do you see it? This place is filled with dense power of the elements."

All of this comes with a level cap increase to 120.



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