Dogs of War Online closed beta set for September

By Michael Jamias
dogs of war online closed beta date

The Dogs of War Online closed beta begins sometime next month.

Dogs of War is a new tactical free to play mmo game from developer Cyanide. Players will be able to create and manage their own company of mercenaries, sending them out to fight in what Cyanide describes as "turn-based style arena combat" inspired by the miniatures game genre.

The closed beta confirmation came with the recent unveiling of the official Dogs of War website. The website is still quite bare and contains mostly French text, but it promises to be filled with guides, screenshots, wallpapers, videos, class information and forums where fans of the tactical online rpg can discuss and share tips.

Previously, Cyanide had already confirmed three playable factions -- Lion, Wolf and Ram.

The Lion army is bold and honorable, and follow the codes of Virtue, Justice and Light. They value and protect the freedom of the land from controlling tyrants.

The Wolf army is wild and fearless, especially when defending nature and the balance of Creation. They may not be as technologically advanced as other armies, but their fighting prowess and predatory instinct more than make up for this shortcoming.

Meanwhile, the Ram army is a diabolical lot led by the undead liches who seek to rid the whole world of the living. Their mystical powers and single-minded purpose make them tenacious adversaries.

Dogs of War is set to officially launch in fall 2013.



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