Devilian Online announces Open Beta

By Tam Mageean
devilian online beta

The Diablo-inspired, action rpg, Path of Exile has done incredibly well, sweeping up awards and approval in droves over the past year for its gritty, bloodthirsty gameplay and Diablo heritage. Tapped from the same source; another Diablo inspired mmo is in the pipeline, and the developers have just announced that they're preparing it for open beta testing.

Devilian is inspired by the devilishly good, Diablo 3 and hopes to be a free-to-play alternative to the ever-successful title.

Devilian Online Screenshot

South Korean developers, Ginno Games hosted a closed beta test last fall, and have now announced an open beta for the mmo; slated for July.

Devilian Online will take place in the divine realm of Alcaena, which has been overrun by the Devils, due to an inter-dimensional crack in the atmosphere. You will play as one of three classes; Assassin, Warrior and Wizard, on a quest to prevent the Devils from resurrecting their overlord, Kersian and reunite the shattered, Benoit Kingdom.

The term; Devilian refers to a human whom possesses (and is gradually devoured by) the powers of a Devil, and they now hold the key to winning the war between the heavens and hell.

No news yet on Devilian beta applications or registration requirements, but we'll keep you posted as news prevails; this is certainly one to watch.



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