DerpTrolling instigate MMO hacking rampage

By Tam Mageean
derp trolling

Hacking collective, DerpTrolling have gone on a worldwide rampage, assaulting a range of servers, sites and mmo games. After a week of relative silence, following some inter-hacker warfare; DerpTrolling have returned, and have been actively and systematically shutting down one site after another. Since early on the 29th they have carried out their cold, calculated attack, and over the past 24 hours, their interests have turned towards the mmo scene, interfering with games such-as League of Legends and World of Tanks.

They started early on, by attacking small private server-farms, such as NFO and PBServers, who rent out server-space and forum hosting for keen gamers, and their loss meant that many couldn't gain access to the like of Team Fortress and Battlefield, or contact their clans.

After a "group meeting" the clan then turned more directly towards mmo games themselves, threatening, via their Twitter account, that they had "Something special planned for League of Legends". As the day progress, League of Legends had its North American login servers nulled, followed by the European servers, which meant the League of Legends forums overloaded with disgruntled players. Battlenet, hosts to Blizzard-owned games, such as World of Warcraft and StarCraft II were next to go, then and the last of the League of Legends servers.

DerpTrolling's attacks, which allegedly shut down North Korea's internet entirely, have since been combated, and most games, servers and forums have recovered.

The last few announcements from DerpTrolling have made clear that the assault is continuing, and that they have "something special planned for another large game in a bit". Stay tuned to as the assault progresses.



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