DerpTrolling hackers continue - Targeted streamer speaks

By Tam Mageean
derp continue

Following the all-out assault on a bunch of mmo games from the hacker clan, DerpTrolling yesterday, many gamers hoped that the new year would bring a clean slate, and the nulling, DDOSing and derping would cease. As it turns out; DerpTrolling were only getting warmed up, and they have returned today with more mischief.

Following on from yesterday's article, once again, took a tumble, and the hacking collective went dark, posing personal attacks against various mmo streamers.

Online personality, PhantomL0rd, who disappeared from his League of Legends stream yesterday, finally returned to his stream, to explain that DerpTrolling had initiated a "swatting" attack, where a hoax call from the hackers, to the authorities, had resulted in his arrest and detainment. The hackers then turned on a RuneScape streamer, rather fittingly known as "Don't Be Fail", and despite their efforts, could not shut him down. He ended up revelling in the added attention,peaking at 18,500 viewers, and fearlessly began to stream League of Legends, seemingly in honor of his fallen comrade, PhantomL0rd.

After the dust settled, we managed to catch up with Brandon "Don't Be Fail" Hill, to see what his thoughts on the attack were:

MMO-Play - What was your initial reaction when your stream went wild? Did you suspect that something weird was going on?

DBF - At first I had no idea what was going on! The chat started blowing up; it went from 500 Viewers to nearly 3,000 in 1-2 minutes. Then, pokes on teamspeak started warning me I was being targeted by Derp...but I didn't know how big it was.

MMO-Play - Were you aware of the earlier attack on PhantomL0rd?

DBF - I was talking to a friend of mine, Shane Lynott before I started the stream, when setting up the projector (I project chat above the monitor) and thought nothing else of it after. I started my stream and within an hour, I was targeted.

MMO-Play - Did you ever get any of that pizza they promised you?

DBF - There were a total of 3 deliveries.

MMO-Play - When you decided to play LoL, were you deliberately goading DerpTrolling? Or did you just feel like playing LoL for the stream?

DBF - I felt a bit egged on by friends in the teamspeak; I don't actually play League of Legends...maybe a game a week if that! At the end of the day, Derp wanted a crying reaction and a stream to close.

MMO-Play - You got a lot of mixed reactions for playing LoL, many worried that you'd put it at risk, was that ever your intention?

DBF - I knew I wouldn't be put at risk, I've had my information leaked online before and it's just a matter of removing it; if a pizza comes to the door, someone'll shout up, asking if I ordered it, and that's about it! They get turned around.

MMO-Play - Would threat of swatting or hacking ever deter you from playing/streaming?

DBF - Hell no.

MMO-Play - What's next? You picked up a bunch of new subs etc after last nights stream. Any plans now that you're better known outside of RS?

DBF - Haven't actually thought of this in detail yet, I promised my subscribers/followers I'd be getting back into Runescape after a long break and have been doing so! I do hope to branch out as my fanbase gets back to what it used to be like. Before I quit, I used to average anything from 250 - 1,000 viewers concurrently.

MMO-Play - Anything you'd like to say to DerpTrolling?

DBF - Thanks for the Boost! It'll probably help with getting back to streaming daily again after being inactive for so long. I'd be interested to know why I was targeted too.

And with that, the world of mmo games and rpg's carried on its business. After a few clumsy misfires, it would appear that DerpTrolling have ended their rampage. Most servers, games, streams and forums have been fully restored, and hopefully the games' respective developers and hosts will adapt and overcome, to prevent this from happening again.



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