Zombie MOBA incoming, and its name is Dead Island: Epidemic

By Michael Jamias
dead island epidemic zombie moba

The Dead Island series makes its next resurrection in zombie MOBA form.

Deep Silver has announced that it will be publishing Dead Island: Epidemic, a zombie multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA game where three teams will simultaneously try to survive a rampaging zombie attack.

Most MOBA games usually pit two teams against each other in a tri-lane, head-to-head, destroy-each-other's-base scenario, but the Dead Island: Epidemic game looks set to put a twist into the format. But the publisher has guaranteed that "trademark elements" that fans have come to love from the franchise will make it to the game, so fans can expect to wield a whole lot of melee weapons from axes to baseball bats to crowbars, and a smattering of firearms like pistols and shotguns.

Deep Silver is keeping mum on the other key features, but more details should come to light during this month's Gamescom where the zombie MMO MOBA will deliver its first public scare.

It is also not confirmed whether the Dead Island: Epidemic will be made by Techland, the developer for the previous two Dead Island games -- the original 2011 Dead Island and the 2013 sequel Dead Island: Riptide.

Fans can start signing up for regular updates at the official Dead Island: Epidemic website.



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