DayZ pre-alpha footage gives a gameplay peek

By Michael Jamias
dayz pre alpha footage

A DayZ pre-alpha footage video has been released, giving fans an update on how the zombiepocalypse title is progressing. Nitpicking viewers though have been warned: The video has some very rough edges to it.

"The video you are about to watch contains raw, unedited footage of a video game in pre-alpha and may trouble experts who post YouTube comments," begins a warning message at the start of the video that prepares viewers to be more forgiving than if they were watching, say, a polished pre-launch footage.

"It has not been approved by marketing, and contains disturbing scenes such as poor FPS, floating loot, bad lighting, placeholder sounds and many more bugs that obviously never occur in game development and therefore the project is completely doomed."

DayZ game creator Dean Hall said that the focus of the pre-alpha build is on making sure the multiplayer server holds up to the hundreds of zombie-killing humans playing at the same time in the mmorpg's shared post-apocalyptic world.

The video takes us through an axe-swinging session against spars zombies in a farmland county, and in between the tester opens up the inventory, uses a compass, scavenges empty homes for essential items, and basically just tries to survive in a world now overrun by brain-eating zombies.

In the comments, there was a mix of support and frustration for the game, which has been pushed back to a possible 2015-16 release. Supporters said it is better for DayZ to release in its best form, taking time to sort out the bugs and issues, while critics claim the game may have missed the hype train already with all other action rpg and mmorpg games coming out also based around zombie theme.



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