Dark Eden 2 rears its head in new teaser trailer

By Tam Mageean
dark eden 2 trailer

With the reincarnation of Diablo 3 in Reaper of Souls, the announcement of a Devilian Online Open Beta and Path of Exile running like clockwork; things have never been better for fans of hack 'n' slash, action rpg gaming.

As if three great arpg games wasn't enough, a familiar face has joined the barrage, in the form of Dark Eden 2.

The original Dark Eden game first hit the scene way back in the late 1990's, in South Korea, and took almost a decade to penetrate the worldwide market. Once it did, however, it took the world by storm, and maintained a committed core of players, right up until its untimely Western demise at the turn of 2014.

If no other horror mmo has managed to scratch that Dark Eden itch in the mean-time, things are looking up. The new, Dark Eden 2 teaser trailer shows that the developers over at Softon Entertainment haven't been resting on their laurels following almost 17 years of success with their flagship title. Dark Eden 2 is looking sharp, refined and evolved, with some great new worlds to explore.

The premise of the game looks to be similar, and will most likely feature another Slayers vs Vampires vs Ousters, horror theme, set in dark, virtual worlds lit by the dynamic, flashy attacks of its inhabitants.

No news on how far along the progression radar they are, but hopefully we'll be seeing more of Dark Eden 2 soon.



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