John Smedley pitches in on Copernicus crash

By Tam Mageean
copernicus smedley

"Dear people of Rhode Island. Look to your elected government for failing to protect you. That 38 studios deal just never should have been."

Over the past 24 hours, John Smedley, CEO and mmo mastermind at the head of Sony Online Entertainment has pitched in his own opinions, regarding Copernicus' failure.

Back in December, we reported on the fall of the prospective mmorpg, Copernicus. As a recap; Copernicus was a game in development at 38 studios, until the studio went bankrupt. The problems arose, however, when owner, and ex-baseball pro, Curt Schilling, applied to the state of Rhode Island to bail out the ailing company for a whopping $75 million dollars.

Curt has recently returned to the front pages, due to returning health issues and his unfortunate battle against cancer.

As the new Twitter fires smoldered, John Smedley took to the feed to defend Schilling, with regards to his efforts in the gaming industry, whilst simultaneously offering up his own critique on Copernicus' failure, and its disjointed business plan.

In the 24 hour revelation, Smedley, who is often comfortably, and rather refreshingly outspoken about his gaming rivals, went on to admit that he really wanted to play Copernicus, if it had succeeded, but that he personally declined deals and offers from 38 Studios during development.

"Anyone with a brain could have told them no one would buy it. They contacted us and I told them so."

He went on to explain that Rhode Island governor, Lincoln Chafee played a large part in its failure, and a large part in preventing SOE from buying in, due to the malicious comments he made, that arguably nailed the Copernicus coffin shut.



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