Celtic Heroes launches for Android

By Michael Jamias
celtic heroes android launch

Another band of MMO heroes have embarked on a mythical journey to hunt down evil with the launch of Celtic Heroes for Android devices.

The Celtic Heroes Android release makes the mobile game available to download for free via the Google Play store on top of the earlier released iOS version. Celtic Heroes requires Android 2.3.3 and up with a 467MB install size.

Celtic Heroes all classes artwork

Players enter the mythical land of Dal Riata and try to save the world as one of five classes -- the brave armor-plated Warrior, the nature-loving Druid, the rugged and sharpshooting Ranger, the fiery Mage and the sneaky Rogue.

These heroes stand united against the dark god Crom who intends to spread fear and darkness in Dal Riata.

Celtic Heroes follows a linear rpg storyline path, where players travel to besieged foreign lands (one has been subjugated by an invading army, another is under the whimsical rule of a faerie queen), and along the way tries to bring freedom to these realms leading to the final face-off against Crom. But it also offers open world exploration through expansive themed zones.

Celtic Heroes is a free to download and free to play mmo from the Glasgow-based indie studio One Thumb Mobile. The game offers a wide 3D open world for players to explore, and is filled with hundreds of quests to complete and thousands of gear to acquire.



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