Brad McQuaid is working on a Sekret MMO

By Tam Mageean
brad mcquaid mmo

Ex-SOE Senior Games Designer and Chief Creative Officer, Brad McQuaid has hinted that he’s working on a “Sekret” MMO. Could the K in the title be a clue? A Mortal Kombat themed MOBA maybe? Here’s hoping!

Brad McQuaid was recently laid off by Sony Online Entertainment, during their huge downsizing campaign that left up to 90 members of staff unemployed, including many of the MMORPG contributors from DC Universe Online and EverQuest 2, including EQ2’s Carlos Mora and Brad Mcquaid. McQuaid took with him over 15 years of game development experience, from titles such as PlanetSide, Star Wars Galaxies and both EverQuest games.

Brad McQuaid Everquest

This isn’t his first SOE exodus project; he also left them in 2001, when he co-founded Sigil Games Online, where he developed MMO classic, Vanguard: Saga of heroes. “With so many jobless developers in the area and so many exciting game design ideas in his head, Brad intends to start something.” His website exclaims, and it goes on to say the project has the blessing of SOE’s President, John Smedley.

The fact that the idea has been run through Smedley first is also intriguing, and could mean either a re-launch, or a sequel to an old title, such as Vanguard, or Everquest. Both have seen developments of their own over the past 12 months and would be prime candidates for a project.

brad mcquaid tweet

Brad has been responding frequently on twitter, but hasn’t divulged anything. He rarely wanders far from the SOE tree though, so all you EQ fans keep a look-out; we will keep you updated as more is revealed!



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