Blood and Jade goes beta

By Tam Mageean
blood and jade beta

R2 Games, makers of Crystal Saga, have announced that the beta has arrived for their next browser MMO, Blood and Jade.

Set in a warring, ancient China; you will encounter dungeons, map conquering wars, and ethereal goddesses, who you can recruit, level up and march into battle to assist you in your quests.

Blood and Jade has been sat in open alpha for a while, but R2 has now provided a more complete version of the game, granting players with deeper player progression and consequential campaigns. Characters can now gather Chi by either competing in quests, or by going into "meditation" mode, which will allow characters to obtain and upgrade their skills. Meditation can also be amplified, by meditating close to other players, or goddesses.

blood and jade beta

The quest system is more complex, and your goals will change throughout the day, across a total of 20 different missions. Bonuses are awarded to warriors who can brave all 20 quests within a 24 hour period.

Players have access to PvP and guild warfare, focusing mainly on party play; Where you can wage war with powerful party bosses for the biggest challenges, and the best loot.

The MMO is very much in its early stages, R2 has already providing access to VIP memberships, through the purchase of a "VIP card" from the in-game shop, which will increase your yield against enemies and even provide you with daily login bonuses and vouchers.

The Blood and Jade Beta is available to play, direct from your browser, today.



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