Hearthstone Open Beta, Heroes of the Storm Beta applications and more!

By Tam Mageean
blizzard updates

The BlizzCon opening ceremony has wrapped up and there were so many announcements, it's only fair to put them all in one place for you guys. The ceremony was incredible, with updates for almost all their MMOs, hearing first hand from the developers how much they've loved the communities support, hearing their feedback and striving to make them proud.

It's fair to say that Blizzard, in the opening hour have already made some big waves. Here's a rundown of the huge MMORPG announcements that Blizzard have just unleashed on the fans at BlizzCon 2013:

Warlords of Draenor banner

Hearthstone - The World of Warcraft trading card battler has been a huge closed beta success. Beta keys have been in high demand; getting snapped up in an instance and leaving many players frustratingly on the outside, resulting in it being one of the most spectated closed betas in history.

To end the frustration, Blizzard have announced Hearthstone will be going open beta next month. "In Blizzard-speak...that might be January" joked the team, but hopefully we'll be seeing it in the coming weeks.

In addition to the open beta announcement came the announcement that Hearthstone is coming to iPhone and Android too, something that had been rumored for a while. Hearthstone is fully playable here at BlizzCon for anyone who still hasn't got a beta key.

Heroes of the Storm - One of the biggest announcements so far, is that Blizzard's all-star battle MOBA, Heroes of the Storm will open to beta applications today. Keep checking the Blizzard homepage for updates. Heroes of the Storm's Blackheart's Bay Campaign is also fully playable at BlizzCon, and the queue is already snaking around the convention center. An incredible trailer was also premiered, and surely be made public soon.

World of Warcraft - World of Warcraft's next expansion has been revealed. Warlords of Draenor is on the way; packed with new enemies, new dungeons, new textures (which make the game look fantastic) and most importantly, a significant shift in power. Described as "The Alliance's Finest Hour", the new expansion, Warlords of Draenor features a pantheon of foes from Warcraft's past and present, who have dragged Azeroth back into its dark days, and it'll be the Alliance's job to stand their ground and save the realm. There'll also be instant boosts to level 90 for one character per player for anyone who buys the expansion, so they can wade in and play it fully, straight away.

1 hour down, 47 to go, so many more announcements ahead!



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