Blizzard launch MMO FunKo figures

By Tam Mageean
blizzard toys

The November solicits are out, letting you know everything that's up for pre-order at your local geek-chic or comic-book store and MMO fans have something to add to the shopping list with the Blizzard FunKo Pop! Vinyl series.

FunKo Pop! have made their signature Vinyl figures to match almost any occasion; imoortalizing everything from the Walking Dead, to the Adam West Batman TV series, and now, at long last, Blizzards trifecta of MMORPG's has made it into the FunKo Pop! hall of fame.

StarCraft II, Diablo III and World of Warcraft have all been cast into glorious vinyl, each getting 2 different characters. The 3" 3/4 figures look fantastic, and feature all the usual traits of a classic Pop! Vinyl; from the beady, wide eyes to the dumpy, little legs...even the scariest beast end up looking adorable!

With the Diablo III figures, there's the Lord of Terror himself, Al'Diabalos, with a translucent central spike, while the Archangel, Tyrael, sports his winged, hooded armor.

Blizzard FunKo StarCraft

For StarCraft II, you can choose between a locked and loaded Jim Raynor and the Queen of Blades, Kerrigan. Raynor stands, ready for action, in his Marine Armor, beautifully detailed with its insignias and battle damage, while the leader of the Swarm, for once, shows her cute side, with temporal markings and a sparkle in her eyes.

Lastly, we have World of Warcraft's Illidan and the Lich King, Arthas. Both of which are much less scary than their original, digital counterparts.

The collectables first made an appearance at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, but can be on your mantle for $9.99 each, from November.



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