New Avalon Lords site to drop fresh lore, art and footage

By Michael Jamias
avalon lords new website

Keep your eyes peeled for the new Avalon Lords website going live today. It promises to reveal delicious new details about the upcoming castle-building MMO RTS game, including game lore, concept art and scenery footage.

We're most excited for the new Avalon Lords Landscape trailer that promises to give us a sneak peek of the breathtaking vistas and zones that players will be able to explore once the game goes live. While we've had a taste of scenic screenshots for Avalon Lords, there's still something more magical about seeing those environments in actual motion.

New Avalon Lords website has a bunch of game reveals.

Together with the trailer, there will also be a spread of concept art pieces, which we're guessing will be a mix of units, monsters and major NPC characters for the real-time strategy rpg.

Animus Interactive has confirmed that the site will reveal the first-ever in-engine screenshots of the Swordsman, Paladin Knight and Veteran Swordsman units.

The studio said this "will give players an idea of what they can look forward to when the game enters its Closed Alpha testing period."

Downloadable desktop wallpapers will be unlocked as well.

Meanwhile, lore buffs can look forward to eating up the new information about the three faction Orders, as well as short stories that introduce six of the factional elite units in-game.



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