Get swept away by the Aura Kingdom teaser trailer

By Michael Jamias
aura kingdom teaser trailer

Aeria Games and X-Legend have a new cutesy fantasy mmorpg with "interactive companions, elaborate skill trees and a world of wonder."

Watch the action-packed Aura Kingdom teaser trailer:

From the first look of the teaser trailer, it's clear that the upcoming online rpg will offer fast-paced, movement heavy battles. Characters also seem to perform quick, successive combos against towering bosses, giving an action arcade feel to the fights. Positioning seems to have been given importance, and characters will need to consider the distance and attack radius of enemies to take them down.

Pets also figure prominently in both in and out of combat, and have been confirmed to be capable of evolving to more powerful forms, according to the newly unveiled official Aura Kingdom website.

Aura Kingdom also promises elaborate trees that will allow mmo fans to change skills at a whim, possibly enabling them to succeed both as solo adventurers and as team members.

The world of Aura Kingdom meanwhile is vividly brought to life in that loveable anime style of drawing, but given some welcome bite by the modern attack animations and cool boss designs.



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