Allies in War goes live tomorrow

By Michael Jamias
allies in war launch

One day to go before Allies in War rolls out as a free to play mmo for the iOS. As a commander, you will need to build bases, mobilize armies and either fight or form alliances with other commanders. You can download the mobile mmo exclusively through the App Store starting January 16, and play the game via iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Allies in War is at its core a real-time strategy and social combat game where your diplomacy savvy are just as important as your military battlefield skills. This Allies in War launch trailer tells you why friends and firearms will be your two most valuable resources in-game:

As the game's title suggests, Allies in War rewards you for having more allies by letting you defeat co-op bosses and grow your military empire in relative security and peace. Allies in War revolves around the idea of attacking each other in order to loot resources, and enemies might think twice before assaulting your base in fear of your alliance's retaliation.

Not that solo players will be overwhelmingly gimped. The developers have made provisions for solo play such as singe player missions and weekly tournaments, but loners won't be able to plunder the bonus item rewards from co-op boss fights. Friend donations are also the only way you can unlock special buildings, so making buddies should be one of your top priorities in Allies in War.



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