Alfheim Tales Online announces open beta

By Tam Mageean
alfheim tales online beta

After a brief and secretive closed beta phase, Alfheim Tales Online has announced its open beta date. MMO client GameDP has opened a beta application page on their site. GameDP provide a host of free-to-play browser mmo games including Chrono Tales, Lunaria Story and the Dragon's Call series, and are sticking to their strengths with the upcoming 3D,anime-themed MMORPG.

Developed by Gsoft, Alfheim Tales Online is boasting that it will launch with 20+ Daily Events, 100+ Unique Pets and an expansive, beautiful world to explore.

The upcoming MMO is set in the fantasy realm of Carlyle Land, where you will be guided by spirits across a variety of landscapes, from rural, peaceful towns to the hustle and bustle of Carlyle's capital and across a multitude of elemental and themed battlefields. "It is a world full of dreams, glory, and exciting adventure."

They've been pretty secretive in the run-up to the open beta test, but so far we have seen:

- 4 different class types; Knights, Mages, Assassins and Priests

- A Selection of cute and colorful "Sprite Guards", which will presumably act as life-minions or damage-sinks

- A range of pets, varying from Dragons, to Nymphs to armed-and-dangerous Cupcakes!

- Mounts, ranging from the fantastical, to the celestial to the robotic

Alfheim Tales Online is set to go open beta from November 26th.



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