Albion Online trailer introduces the medieval sandbox mmo

By Michael Jamias
albion online introduction trailer

There's a new medieval sandbox mmo brewing called Albion Online, and it's got something for casuals and hardcore fighters alike.

Albion Online provides all the tools for laidback players to build castles and fortresses in relative peace. But for the more ruthless adventurers, the developers have also created exciting territorial and PvP systems. Players can destroy their enemy's structures and loot the corpses of slain foes.

The Albion Online introduction trailer discusses in full detail the crafting, character customization and combat systems in this upcoming cross-platform action rpg. (It will be available on the Mac, Linux and Windows PC platforms, as well as Android and iOS tablets.)

Developers noted that Albion Online is decidedly a multiplayer game. Sure, solo adventurers will still be able to play and progress, but certain portions of the game require socialization and teamwork. For example, all items and structures in the game are made by players, so the community will need to come together to plan the infrastructure of their burgeoning town. Players also decide on their rules through the political system.

There has been no release date announced yet, but Albion Online is currently revealed to be in the alpha test phase.



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