Age of Civilization has arrived

By Tam Mageean
age of civilization launch

There's a new strategic mmo in the pipeline, and Age of Civilization is its name.

Before you get too excited, Age of Civilization has nothing to do with the turn-based strategy superstar, Civilization, nor does it follow on from the tactical rpg series, Age of Empires.

Age of Civilization is a brand new mmo that combines the castle building strategy, typically found in mmorts games, with the turn-based, card wielding mechanics of a classic, European, tabletop game.

Set in the European, Middle Ages, the mmo will be browser based and free to play. According to its press release, it'll be loosely based on European, mythological, and real, historical events and will pit heroes and nations against one another as they put their card-built kingdoms to the test.

Age of Civilization screenshot

Graphically, Age of Civilization is set to layers hand-drawn, 2D, anime inspired character and card graphics over a "dazzling" 3D rendered backdrop as you build or battle your way to Civilization success.

The mmo has been launched on the Game321 portal, alongside some of NGames' other achievements, such as Pockie Ninja II Social and Pockie Pirates. If you'd like to check out it, you can sign up here, via the Game321 browser portal. Let us know your opinions in the comments section below.



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