Ace Combat Infinity gears up for open beta

By Tam Mageean
ace combat infinity beta

With two aerial MMOFPS games already fighting for top dog, the developers over at Namco Bandai have gotten jealous, and pushed out an additional open beta, following their postponed beta trial, which ended early in November.

Both World of Warplanes and War Thunder have been going from strength to strength in their own respective beta trials, favoring a more nostalgic approach to aviation, so Ace Combat Infinity will be a welcome addition, due to its modern take on all things aeronautical.

The free to play air-to-air combat MMO is set for launch on the PlayStation Network for PS3, but with the PS4 already doing the rounds; hopefully a next-gen port will be announced in the near future. So far, in the previous beta, an Online, Competitive Co-op mode has been displayed, where two co-op teams compete against each other to down the most enemies. Hopefully, with a second open beta in the pipeline, Namco Bandai will be looking to show of a new mode or feature, or an expansion on the existing beta, rather than simply an extended trial period.

The Ace Combat Infinity open beta will run from December 12th until December 18th, with a full release to follow shortly after.



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