4th of July MMO events bring on the bang

By Michael Jamias
4th of july mmo events

From fun fireworks to deadly explosions, a couple of mmo games are welcoming the 4th of July with a fiery flair.

In Rift, the land of Telara will become littered with free fireworks. Pyrotechnics items -- 31 different ones in total -- will be dropping out of rift portals.

Players who are able to collect and use all the fireworks varieties will be able to earn the fitting achievement of "Life of the Party" as well as complimentary assorted fireworks.

The free Rift fireworks will be only for a week though. After the celebrations, the fireworks can only be purchased from the Rift store.

Meanwhile, the World of Tanks marks the 4th of July with a lot more violence with weekend escalation tournaments.

World of Tanks organizers are inviting everyone in the tank MMO to join -- from eSports veterans to new recruits. Players can register as teams in a range of tournaments starting from tier III all the way up to tier X.

World of Tanks 4th of July tournaments are all single day events in each tier, and some even occurring simultaneously, so teams are advised to plan out their schedules to join as many tournaments and maximize their chances of winning.



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