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Neverwinter Tomb of Annihilation launches
A new threat emerges to the good folks of the Forgotten Realms as the mysterious Death Curse plagues the land. Neverwinter players will have to travel to an exotic new land to seek out a cure and the reasons behind the plague as the fantasy mmorpg welcomes its latest update. The Neverwinter Tomb of Annihilation launches today, bringing a bevy of new content along with the sheer awesomeness of dinosaurs.The features of the new Neverwinter Tomb...
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Jul 25 2017
Blade & Soul Producer's Letter for July 2017
Communication between developers and mmo players is often lacking, which is why it's refreshing when a company does keep their players informed on what's actually going on in their game. Case in point is the latest Blade & Soul Producer's Letter from Jonathan Lien for July that discusses the milestones that the game has celebrated this year along with some information on the game's future.The Blade & Soul Producer's Letter kicks off w...
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Jul 24 2017
Carnage joins Marvel Heroes Omega
Players have been able to choose between playing both superheroes and villains in Marvel Heroes Omega. The comic book-themed free mmo has allowed gamers to rumble as Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Green Goblin, Winter Soldier, and the various X-Men. Now one of the most psychotic characters in the Marvel universe is now available as Gazillion releases the new Marvel Heroes Omega Carnage playable hero.The official Marvel Heroes Omega Ca...
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Jul 20 2017
Master X Master ranked preseason begins
Serious competition is coming in Master X Master, the free mmo that puts a spin on the moba genre by allowing players to switch back and forth between two champions. Competitive Season One of ranked gameplay is slated to begin on August 16th, but the next four weeks will see a lot of action as the Master X Master Ranked Preseason is now underway. Players have four weeks to experience ranked Titan Ruins matches and get used to the additional syste...
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Jul 19 2017
Star Trek Online Season 13.5 live
One of the most iconic Klingon characters is making his introduction into Star Trek Online in the game's latest update. The free mmo is bringing Martok into the fold, and he's played by J.G. Hertzler , who originated the role in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. However, Martok is only the tip of the iceberg as Star Trek Online Season 13.5 launches today with new content and features.The components of Star Trek Online Season 13.5 include: New Feat...
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Jul 18 2017
RuneScape mobile version announced
When most people think about mobile games, they're usually thinking about the latest strategy or puzzle game that offers little depth and immersion. There are painfully few true mmo games on mobile devices, but now one of the oldest online games is ready to change that. Jagex has announced that a new RuneScape mobile game version of the venerable online game is being developed for launch. Yep, a game that predates smart phones is set to go mobile...
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Jul 17 2017
Revelation Online apartments
To quote the theme song from The Jeffersons, players of the Revelation Online mmo will soon be able to live in a "deluxe apartment in the sky." Player housing is finally coming to the game as part of the Safe Haven update. One of the core aspects of the new update is the Revelation Online apartments feature that allows players to purchase their own little piece of virtual paradise.The new Revelation Online apartments will become available to ...
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Jul 13 2017
Black Desert Online Terrmian Waterpark opens
Adventurers looking to escape the scorching summer heat and life-or-death questing now have a place to cool off and have some fun. The new Black Desert Online Terrmian Waterpark is having its grand opening as part of the Terrmian Festival. This fun-filled waterpark can be found in the online rpg on the coastline near Olvia and is filled with thrilling quests and mini-games to quench players' thirsts.The Black Desert Online Terrmian Waterpark ...
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Jul 12 2017
Trove Sunfest 2017 announced
While traveling throughout the colorful virtual world of Trove is a treat in of itself, it's always more fun while doing so on a mount. Players will now have a greater opportunity to get their greedy little mitts on a whole slew of mounts during the Trove Sunfest event that Trion Worlds has recently announced. Players can log in every day during the event, which runs from July 12th through July 24th, to gain a free Golden Ticket Chest, and the po...
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Jul 11 2017
World of Warships High School Fleet ships
Some fans are hard pressed to find more ways to get anime into their lives, but fortunately for mmo players, World of Warships is offering a way to get some anime-inspired action while cruising the virtual seas of the online wargame. Players can now purchase the World of Warships High School Fleet ships that have just cruised into the game.The two new World of Warships High School Fleet ships come with commanders and voices (commanders and ex...
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Jul 10 2017