The Top Five Upcoming MMOs We Have Our Eyes On

By Jeff Francis
Top five upcoming mmo games we have our eyes on

The wheel of online gaming always continues to turn as gamers eagerly wait for the eventual release of new titles that are currently in development. One of the best features of playing mmorpg games is that there's always something new over the horizon. In this day of Kickstarter and crowdfunding, game companies can go outside the box and work on games that cater to specific niches instead of just releasing another cookie-cutter mmo. There are plenty of games that we're looking forward to that are eventually supposed to be released in North America and Europe. To that end, we offer the top five upcoming mmo games we have our eyes on.

Sea of Thieves
The first of our top five upcoming mmo games we're anticipating is Sea of Thieves. There can never be enough pirate-themed online games to suit our tastes, and Sea of Thieves looks to deliver some amazing gameplay. The game sports an impressive sailing system that merges realistic nautical gameplay with easy-to-follow player mechanics. While a player can go solo with a tiny craft, the real beauty is when a team of players works together to command a real sailing ship. The ship's pilot will need help to steer from the lookout while other players can man the guns. Sea of Thieves looks to be a colorful homage to pirate movies, mixing together fantasy and reality. Plus, how can you not be excited about a game that actually impairs your character when they have too much to drink? Looking for buried treasure, engaging in ship-to-ship combat, and exploring the underwater realm has Sea of Thieves one of the top five upcoming mmo games we really have our eyes on.

Wild West Online
Next on our list of the top five upcoming mmo games we're looking forward to is Wild West Online. To say that there's a dearth of western-themed online games is a massive understatement, so we're looking to Wild West Online to scratch our gunslinger itch. One of the intriguing aspects of this game is that it's very open-ended. Players can choose what path they'll follow, ranging from mountain man to outlaw to sheriff. There's a robust crime and punishment system that will allow players to be outlaws, but there's always the chance of getting a bounty on their head if they become notorious. It also appears that there's a strong firearm system to allow for customization, and we like that there's in-game activities like cards, which should allow for immersion and role-playing. Future content releases will include the ability to rob a train. I think a lot of players are going to follow the outlaw route once Wild West Online comes out.

Project Gorgon
The third game of our top five upcoming mmo games we have an eye on is Project Gorgon. This indie game was created by a husband and wife development team and harkens back to the original era of online games. Project Gorgon is a skill-based game, and players can mix-and-match various skill sets to create different effects. For instance, players can become a werewolf by being infected with lycanthropy. This provides some powerful skills, but then the player loses some control when the full moon comes out in-game. Project Gorgon looks to be an incredibly immersive online gaming experience. Items you drop can be picked up by other players. Items sold to vendors become part of their inventory. Every NPC has their own goals, and it behooves players to befriend them. Combat is multi-layered, which allows for a wide range of skills to be used. The anticipation factor for Project Gorgon has gotten higher as the game recently had a big improvement in the game's visuals. Plus, there will be live events, a feature of online games that has essentially disappeared over the last decade.

MapleStory 2
Our next entry in our top five upcoming mmo games we're looking forward to is MapleStory 2. The reason why we have our eye on this game is that you can't have enough anime-inspired (chibi) cuteness in your life. This game takes the mechanics of the original MapleStory mmo and brings them into a fully realized 3D world. The game did release a couple of years ago in South Korea, and Western fans are thinking that the time is finally here for the game to make it to our shores. There'll be plenty of exploration, battles with monsters, and lots of mini-games to partake of that are slathered in adorable cuteness. There's a surprising amount of sandbox features to be found, such as building and dungeon creation. Players can even create mini-games, and a lot of the game's environment is destructible. Hopefully, 2017 is the year that North American and European players can fire up MapleStory 2.

Shroud of the Avatar
The last of our top five upcoming mmo games we have our eyes on is Shroud of the Avatar. For old school fans, just hearing that Richard "Lord British" Garriott is involved is enough to get the juices flowing. The creator of the Ultima series is joined by several other luminaries, including Tracy Hickman, one of the creators of the Dragonlance series. There are a lot of features that really have us looking forward to this game. There are several modes of gameplay, including an offline mode as well as three online modes (single player, playing with friends, and fully open). There's a robust housing system and an even deeper crafting system, which is good as the game's economy is player-based. PvP is consensual, and there's a tremendous focus on community interaction. Plus, we love that there's a classless system in place. For old school fans, Shroud of the Avatar is definitely a game that they're looking forward to.

As you can see, our list of the top five mmo games we have our eye on is a mix of genres and styles. Are you looking forward to these games or are there others you think we should have had on our list? Let us know in the comments below.


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