Top Five Summer MMOs

By Jeff Francis
Top five summer mmos

It's that special time of year again that kids always look forward to. No, I'm not talking about Christmas or the holiday season, but rather that time of year when school's out and you're free to relax and play mmorpg games all day and night. Of course, it does help if you're under eighteen and still going to school. I'm talking about summer, of course, that time of the year where getting a sunburn at the beach or grilling burgers and hot dogs in the backyard is a rite of passage. Online gaming is a must during the summer months, so we're here to offer our top five summer mmos.

Please note that I'm not going with one central theme for our list of the top five summer mmos. I'm not picking five water-based games or ones that feature gameplay in tropical climes. The mmo games chosen were done so for a variety of reasons, which will be spelled out in the individual descriptions. Now slather on the sunscreen and let's get started.

Marvel Heroes 2015
Our first online game of choice is Marvel Heroes 2015, and this game made the cut for several reasons. First, the game is action-packed as players scrap with mobs of villains as they fight across many different zones. Summer can be about relaxing by the pool, but it can also be about going gonzo with physical activity, such as surfing, playing ball, and biking. Mix that love of action with Marvel superheroes, and you'll have a winner. Summer is also about blockbuster superhero movies, and the latest one just happens to be an X-Men one. This dovetails in nicely with Marvel Heroes 2015 as many of characters from the recent film can be found in the game.

Marvel Heroes 2015 fight

Number two on our list of the top five summer mmos is Minecraft. This intensively creative game has set the online gaming world on its collective ear ever since it was first released. The reason why I chose this game was that allowing gamers to stretch their creative muscles during the summer is a must. This online game is almost a real-life application of Disney's Phineas and Ferb cartoon. In each episode, the two main characters spend each day of their summer vacation by building elaborate projects. Now gamers can do something similar in Minecraft as this virtual worlds game allows players to build practically anything that they can think of. The sheer freedom allowed in this sandbox mmo is staggering, and players have responded by creating an insane amount of worlds, palaces, and landscapes. Probably my favorite is where a player built an exact replica of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek. How cool is that?

Team Fortress 2
One thing that is necessary in summer is to have fun, and gamers are sure to have that when playing Team Fortress 2. This shooter features bright, cartoony graphics, but also serves up constant mayhem and action with a healthy dose of humor. Team Fortress 2 isn't deep on lore, but what it does do is to deliver incredible fps action that you can instantly leap into and lose yourself for hours. With nine different classes and a variety of game modes, you'll definitely not be bored as you're blowing away your enemies (and getting the same done to you in return!). The game is insanely easy to play, and players can quickly swap between classes. Another bonus is the sheer amount of ludicrous weapons and gears that can be picked up, crafted, or bought to make your character stand out. Team Fortress 2 is comedy carnage gold that suits the summer months perfectly.

I would be remiss in our list of the top five summer mmos if we didn't have one game that featured a nautical motif to some extent. When you add in kid-friendly gameplay and a healthy dose of pirates, then Pirate101 definitely makes the cut. This is another game that provides typical mmo gameplay but adds humor and interesting turn-based combat to craft a unique experience. The best feature that this game has for summer enjoyment is its casual nature. Gamers can undertake quests in this colorful world full of whimsical stereotypes or spend their time doing other activities, such as decorating their own home or playing mini-games. I have to say that Pirate101 has a lot of different mini-games for you to while away the hours playing. Two of the ones I enjoyed the most were the shooting gallery and their version of Tapper (an old arcade game where the player serves drinks to thirsty patrons). This game is very safe for kids to play, but it does feature some sly humor that parents will pick up. There's Blind Mew (a knockoff of Blind Pew from Treasure Island) and Fin Dorsal (a shark version of Vin Diesel).

Pirate101 Fin Dorsal

Star Wars: The Old Republic
The last item on our top five summer mmos list is Star Wars: The Old Republic. The reason why I chose this game was that every summer vacation needs a cool sci-fi adventure. Growing up, my dad took my brother and I every weekend to see all the great (and not-so-great) sci-fi films that seem to be unleashed on the public every year during the summer months. Star Wars: The Old Republic gives players that epic blockbuster experience from the comfort of their own home. The intricate storylines makes this game one of the most immersive mmos in terms of plot and interactions. Plus, you can blast aliens with blasters or cut them down with lightsabers! Can you think of a better pastime during the summer holiday?

As you can see, my list of the top five summer mmos is an eclectic mix. There are a number of kid-friendly games that parents can feel safe letting their kids play (Pirate101), as well as flexing their creative muscles (Minecraft). Fans of action can slake their hunger by fragging opposing teams in Team Fortress 2 or smashing supervillains in Marvel Heroes 2015. Lastly, those looking for an epic sci-fi adventure, or just an mmorpg with deep storylines, can partake of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Enjoy your time gaming this summer, my friends, and make the most of it. All too soon, summer will end and the real world will intrude upon us again.


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