The Top Five Reasons We're Looking Forward to Dungeons and Dragons Online in 2017

By Jeff Francis
Top five reasons looking forward to DDO 2017

Dungeons and Dragons Online is one of those mmo games that I love coming back to. One reason is that the design of the game is so strong, featuring instanced adventures with optional objectives and the possibility of traps. Another reason is that it's based upon the third edition rules of the D&D pen-and-paper role-playing game that I've spent countless hours playing. In fact, I've been playing D&D for over 35 years. As for DDO, a new Producer's Letter spells out what players can expect in the coming year. It's time to meet up at the tavern, grab a round of ale, and discuss the top five reasons we're looking forward to Dungeons and Dragons Online 2017.

The first reason why we're looking forward to Dungeons and Dragons Online 2017 is that the game still exists. The last couple of years have been somewhat rough for Turbine, the original developer of the game. There have been several rounds of layoffs and a shift in focus away from mmo games to mobile games. Then came news that DDO had been moved away from Turbine entirely to a new outfit, Standing Stone Games. This turned out to be good news as the game's developers went to the new company, and an announcement was made that licensing for the game had been secured for some years to come. I had spent the last few years thinking that DDO was perilously close to shutting down, so it's good to be proven wrong.

Dungeons and Dragons Online anniversary

The second of our top five reasons why we're looking forward to DDO 2017 is the upcoming 11th anniversary, which kind of dovetails with our first reason. Late February should see the anniversary event kick off, and it's no mean feat to celebrate eleven years of existence in the mmo world. A lot of flashier games have come and gone, but Dungeons and Dragons Online (which you can play for free here) continues to chug along. The Anniversary Party dungeon is set to return where players can pummel a bunch of kobolds who aim to thwart a massive celebratory party. I'll be there to hoist a virtual mug of mead in honor of the game making it to its eleventh year of operation.

A new difficulty setting that aims to satisfy players looking for a challenge is the third of our top five reasons why we're looking forward to Dungeons and Dragons Online 2017. The Producer's Letter spells out the new Reaper difficulty for those pesky adventurers who have cheated death for far too long. This new difficulty mode adds Reapers, who are denizens from the planes aligned with Death, to an adventure. These Reapers will roam the halls, and their sole aim is to kill the players. Overall, choosing Reaper difficulty for an adventure will add ten skulls worth of difficulty. To be honest, I have no plans on trying this new difficulty as I'm not a great min/maxer of character builds. I'm sure plenty of other players will be enjoying this new challenge to their quests.

Another taste of the Forgotten Realms is the next of the top five reasons why we're looking forward to DDO 2017. Update 36 is slated to introduce the Stonelands to the game, and these new lands are a rocky and hilly region where magic castles once plummeted to the ground during a war. The Stonelands is just teeming with hordes of vicious monsters and has caused a lot of headaches for the monarchs of Cormyr. Any expansion of the Forgotten Realms setting in the game is a welcome one indeed. While I cut my teeth on the Greyhawk setting (yes, I'm old!), the Forgotten Realms has been the realm of choice for my gaming group since the late 1980s. In fact, we're looking forward to Dungeons and Dragons Online 2017 mainly because a ton of new content is coming, of which the Stonelands are only part. I'm a content junkie and am always looking for something new to do. I expect this new area to be truly action-packed and filled with monsters (and not to mention the ruins of certain crashed castles from long ago!).

Dungeons and Dragons Online Ravenloft

The final of the top five reasons why we're looking forward to Dungeons and Dragons Online 2017 is Ravenloft. D&D has seen a good deal of interesting settings over the decades, but Ravenloft is absolutely one of the best as it's rooted firmly in good old Gothic horror. The original Ravenloft module was released back in 1983, introducing gamers to the villainous Count Strahd, and has long been heralded as one of the game's finest modules. Since then, the setting has been fully fleshed out as the Demiplane of Dread that is ruled by various Dark Lords. Many a tabletop adventuring group has been whisked to this dark realm by the mysterious mists, and players have long been asking that Ravenloft be incorporated into the DDO online rpg. That wish is set to be granted later this year, according to the Producer's Letter. I definitely plan on logging in as soon as the Ravenloft update goes live. I just want my main character to make her way to see Strahd in-game before she succumbs to the deadly setting. Ravenloft alone is really the only reason you need to look forward to DDO 2017.

There you have it, our top five reasons for looking forward to Dungeons and Dragons Online 2017. It's quite gratifying to know that the game will continue and will celebrate its 11th anniversary. Plus, a ton of new content is being released. We're going to get to adventure in the Stonelands of Forgotten Realms and face Gothic horror in Ravenloft. Some other reasons why players are looking forward to DDO 2017 are the new Dragonborn race and sentient weapons. It looks like 2017 will be a packed year for Dungeons and Dragons Online, which is definitely something to celebrate.

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