Top 5 Things We Hope to See in Rangi

By Jeff Francis
The top 5 features we want in Rangi

For someone as old as I am, the thought of being able to play mobile games on a cell phone or other devices was something that once could have been classified as science-fiction. Yet we now live in a world where players can enjoy their favorite online games no matter how far from home they wander. The one caveat is that many mobile games don't offer challenging gameplay, but the upcoming Rangi looks to alter that landscape. The 3D puzzle adventure game is inspired by the folklore of Africa and is slated to be released next year. Let's take a quick gander at the top five Rangi features we hope to see.

Immersive 3D
The first of the top five Rangi features we hope to see is truly immersive 3D. The fact that gamers can now enjoy a 3D experience with just some cardboard and their mobile devices is simply astounding. While Rangi is primarily a game where players have to solve puzzles to advance, the 3D aspect of the game is incredibly intriguing. Being able to experience the land of a mythological Africa in a 3D setting is something that we're looking forward to, but one can hope that the developers take full advantage of all three dimensions to craft some really great puzzles. The limitations of technology for mobile devices is well known, but the developers of Rangi state that they are really pushing the envelope to bring truly immersive 3D gameplay to players.

Challenging Puzzles
Next on our list of the top five Rangi features we hope to see are challenging puzzles. A game is only as good as the challenges that a player has to face, so we're hoping that this virtual world mobile game pushes the envelope by having some innovative and even frustrating puzzles. Solving easy puzzles is no fun, but finally cracking one that has taunted you for hours usually fills one with a huge sense of accomplishment. Plus, it's always great to stretch those mental muscles by doing some serious problem solving. As stated above, one of the key Rangi features is that the game is in 3D, so this should lend itself to the creation of some really great puzzles for players to crack.

Folklore and Mythology
Being exposed to and learning about African folklore and mythology is our next item on our list of the top five Rangi features we hope to see. Most video games focus on European or Asian culture, so it is a refreshing change of pace to have one that draws inspiration from Africa, a rich setting that deserves far more attention. We're looking forward to just not enjoying Rangi for its puzzles and 3D gameplay but also for learning more about the mysterious Dark Continent. Video games can be a great way to explore and learn about other cultures, so we're hoping that Rangi really dives deep into the folklore and mythology of Africa for players to immerse themselves into. Plus, it's a lot cheaper than actually traveling to Africa!

Rangi temple

Music and Visuals
The next of our top five Rangi features we hope to see concern the game's music and visuals. Dovetailing in with the African folklore inspiration discussed above, we hope to see the game accurately depict the setting with authentic music and visuals. Fabien Delpech, creative director at Funsoft, says, "We sought to create in Rangi a strong relationship between the puzzle-based gameplay and African tribal art. Rangi is a truly unique mobile game due to it drawing inspiration from African music, folklore, and art, and we know that gamers will love playing it as much as we're enjoying creating it." Africa is renowned for its gorgeous styles of art and music, and we can't wait to experience this firsthand in the game's virtual world when it finally launches.

Compelling Narrative
The last of our top five Rangi features we hope to see is a compelling narrative. Solving puzzles is fun in of itself, but such endeavors are a lot more satisfying if there's a compelling reason for why the players are doing them. The backstory for Rangi does sound very interesting. It seems that the people of Nchi live in harmony with the land of Ota due to the music giants that roam the landscape. However, the people of Zuluki have stolen the energy of the music giants, thus disrupting this harmony. It is up to the gamer, playing as Guriki, to restore this balance. This is an interesting story and one that helps bring the unique African aspects of the setting to the forefront. We hope that the game really immerses the player into this story so as that a personal connection is made to this fascinating setting. While gamers need little incentive to do things, it's always far better to offer them compelling reasons (story-wise) for why they're going on an adventure.

There you have it, our top five Rangi features we hope to see when the game eventually launches. It's pretty rare to see a game draw its inspiration from African art, music, and folklore, so we're really looking forward to it. Overall, we're hoping to see some truly impressive 3D visuals, a compelling story, challenging puzzles, and a deep dive into the mythology of Africa. It's always great to see a game that isn't following the usual tropes that we've all become accustomed to.


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