The Top Five MMO Games We Wish Were Free-to-Play

By Jeff Francis
Top five non-free mmos we wish were f2p

In today's environment of online games, it seems that everything is free-to-play. This is especially true for mobile games as their hook is to entice gamers with free basic gameplay and then charging for extras. However, there are still quite a few non-free mmo games in existence that show that being buy-to-play or subscription-based is still very feasible if the game is of good quality. Gamers looking for a solid game that doesn't nickel-and-dime you to death are quite happy to shell out a few bucks in order to play. As we love being cheap, there are quite a few games that lurk behind a paywall that we would love to play on a daily basis without having to pay a cent. It's time to pay homage to our inner skinflint as we examine the top five non-free mmo games we wish were free.

Black Desert Online
The first of our top five non-free mmo games we wish were free is Black Desert Online. This online rpg is an immersive sandbox game that boasts stunning and gorgeous visuals. There's so much to like about this game, from the skill-based combat to the dynamic weather system. The customization for player characters is insane, and gamers were playing around with this feature before the game even launched. I'm also a fan of player housing, and Black Desert Online features a robust system with player customization. Of particular interest is that players can obtain mounts by taming them in the wild and later breed them. While the game has seen more than its fair share of scum using exploits, the basic gameplay is enough for us to wish it was free-to-play so that we could dive deep into the game's setting.

World of Warcraft
The second title on our list of the top five non-free mmo games we wish were free is World of Warcraft. While newer games may be flashier and sexier, the venerable World of Warcraft continues to feature quality gameplay of the highest order. While the rest of the industry pretty much succumbed to the free-to-play insurrection, this game stood defiant as a subscription-based game. The sheer amount of content in WoW is staggering, and Blizzard has added plenty of features over the years to expand the gameplay options to their players. Plus, we love the deep lore that has been developed over the years. It says something that for over a decade, WoW has been the standard to which every other online game was judged against. We wish that this was a non-free mmo so we could advance our trial characters past level 20.

The Secret World
Next on our list of the top five non-free mmo games we wish were free is the lone horror entry: The Secret World. This particular game is pay-to-play, but there are rumors that it may become free-to-play in the near future. What makes The Secret World be one of the non-free mmo games we want full access to as a f2p title is that it is the most immersive game we've ever played. The amount of detail built into the game's lore is beyond astounding. Funcom created a host of web sites that are accessed from within the game to even more fully flesh out its conspiracy-laden world. This is one title where you don't hurry past the quest cutscenes as they're just so damn good and draw you deeper into the dark setting. Plus, we love the customization available for leveling characters, and the quests found in the game are literally the hardest we've come across. The Secret World has expanded its offerings since it launched with quite a few updates, and who doesn't love a game that offers up the Krampus as its Christmas treat?

Final Fantasy 14
Another of the top five non-free mmo games we wish were free is Final Fantasy 14. This particular mmo has had an unusual journey. When the game first launched, it was universally panned. The developers actually pulled the game and worked furiously to re-work it while actually listening and acting upon player feedback. Final Fantasy 14 re-launched and has been a huge hit. This mmo is extremely immersive and features one of the most popular settings in video game history. We absolutely love the class/job system that allows players to use a single character to level all the classes and jobs if they wish and easily switch back and forth between them. The graphics are stunning, and the music for FF14 has been lauded for being absolutely epic. There are a lot of features that catch our eye, such as player housing, the Palace of the Dead deep dungeon, the Manderville Gold Saucer, and so much more. Plus, players can even get married through the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding.

The last of our top five non-free mmo games we wish were free is Overwatch. The latest title by Blizzard has been extremely well received and has sold a ton of copies (which is why we'll likely have to wait a long time to see some f2p action). This shooter incorporates a number of MOBA motifs but makes them its own. What makes Overwatch interesting is that the characters are so well designed and stand alone as individuals. This individuality carries over to how they play in the game, such as the two snipers actually playing differently from one another. Plus, the graphics are bright and even quirky, a welcome change from the gloom of other recent titles. The action is fast and furious, and each hero has their own unique abilities. Overall, the map design is pretty good, allowing for different styles of play. Overwatch is considered one of the better shooters to have come over the last few years, and we would love to be able to play it without shelling out $40 beforehand.

Don't let our list of the top five non-free mmo games we wish were free fool you. We don't mind an mmo game making some healthy profit for a company, but there are times when money is tight and we would like to dive into a quality game that doesn't feature all the nickel-and-dime antics of quite a few f2p titles. Do you agree with our list of non-free mmo games or are there others you would list instead? Let us know in the comments below.


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