Enjoy Our Fall Lineup of the Top Five MMO TV Shows We Want to See

By Jeff Francis
Top five mmo TV shows we want

The genesis of a TV show can come from many different sources. Some come from the mind of a showrunner while others are based upon movies or books. However, we're now entering a time period where an online rpg can serve as the basis of a TV show. It was recently announced that The Secret World is being adapted for television. Producer Gudrun Giddings says, "It’s one of the most character driven and well developed games I know of and naturally lends itself to fantastical storylines with intriguing characters, a thrilling and binge-worthy international TV show." We think that TSW would make for a crackerjack mmo TV show, but we also think that there are some other online games that could serve as an inspiration too. It's time to unveil our dream fall lineup with a list of the top five mmo TV shows we want to see.

EVE Online
The first of the top five mmo TV shows we want to see is EVE Online. Realistic, hard-edged sci-fi has proven pretty popular over the last few years with shows like The Expanse and the rebooted Battlestar Galactica. The sandbox nature of EVE Online would serve as a perfect choice for an mmo TV show as the real game is filled with political intrigue, betrayal, and even assassination. An EVE Online show would be like Game of Thrones in outer space. Just using the exploits of various in-game corporations would serve as incredible storylines for a good number of seasons.

The next of the top five mmo TV shows we would love to see is WildStar. A show based upon this mmorpg would be vastly different than the EVE Online one suggested above. For starters, there would be a healthy dose of humor found in a WildStar mmo TV show. The mix of western and sci-fi has already been done in the form of Firefly, so ramping up the humor a bit shouldn't be too much of a challenge. The hard part would be balancing humor and drama so that viewers would stay emotionally invested in the characters. The setting of WildStar is pretty unique and would serve as a great template for an mmo TV show. Plus, think how much Aurin merchandise could be moved!

Armored Warfare
The third item of our list of the top five mmo TV shows we want to see is Armored Warfare. I grew up watching old shows like Combat! and Rat Patrol that featured a ton of WWII-era combat. I think it would be amazing to have an action-packed mmo TV show based upon tank combat, and I believe that Armored Warfare would fit the bill perfectly. The main reason why I chose this mmofps is that there's no true bad guy. Games that use WWII as a setting would automatically make a lot of people uncomfortable if it showed a positive portrayal of Axis characters. Armored Warfare does not have such an issue and could create fictional bad guys for the TV show characters to fight. Plus, the fact that Armored Warfare is set in the near future and has players acting as mercenaries really opens up the possibilities for storylines and characters. Who wouldn't want to see a TV show that featured tanks blasting the heck out of bad guys?

League of Legends
The next entry on our list of the top five mmo TV shows we want is League of Legends. While one wouldn't normally associate a moba with a compelling TV show, the reality is that League of Legends has an abundance of a critical feature: characters. Riot Games has gone to great lengths to create interesting characters that have deep and intriguing backstories as well as relationships with one another. The actual setting for League of Legends is fascinating, and the sheer number of characters could serve as numerous story arcs over the years. The main issue would be deciding on which characters to be the primary focus of the show and which ones to leave out. An additional reason why League of Legends would make for an interesting mmo TV show would be that crazy, action-packed fights would be the norm. This would be one show that would require a lot of stuntmen to pull off. I could just see fans already begging for Jinx to be part of the show.

World of Warcraft
The last of the top five mmo TV shows we would love to watch is World of Warcraft. This particular game was chosen for several reasons, with one of those being the incredible name recognition that WoW enjoys with the public. Then there's the fact that Blizzard has built up an amazing amount of lore for the setting over the last twenty years. An mmo TV show based upon WoW could focus on events found in the past or they could follow the game's latest storylines. We already know that it's possible to adapt World of Warcraft to a visual setting via the Warcraft movie (you can read our review for that here). There's also the fact that Blizzard probably has the financial resources to pull off such a show. The question of a WoW-based mmo TV show would be to whether to focus on the Alliance or the Horde (or perhaps go back-and-forth between the two).

We think that this list of the top five mmo TV shows we want to see could do very well. With the rise of Netflix and epic shows on cable (Game of Thrones), there's no reason why an mmo-based show couldn't be done. A setting, characters, lore, and storylines are already in existence, just waiting for a TV executive to tap into. Do you agree with this list of our proposed top five mmo TV shows or do you believe other games would be better? Let us know in the comments below.


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