Hit the Beach with Our Top Five MMO Summer Events

By Jeff Francis
Top five mmo summer events

Ah, summertime. It's the season that most people look forward to all year. School is out, families go on vacation, and there's plenty of time to lounge by the pool. Of course, it's also the time when many gamers spend extra hours playing their favorite mmorpg games late through the night and into the wee hours of the dawn. A lot of online games celebrate this sun-soaked season by having their own special event. Slather on the sunscreen and put on some shades as we list our top five mmo summer events.

The first of our top five mmo summer events is the Summer Festival in Neverwinter. A special zone is opened up for players to go to an idyllic glade and frolic in some outdoor activities. What makes this one of the better mmo summer events is how well the contests can help get one into the spirit of the season. A personal favorite is the water fight where players can lob water balloons or other watery attacks upon other players, as well as getting drenched themselves. The summer feast contest has players racing to gather corn or herd chickens and pigs to create a banquet. For those seeking some action, there's the incursion of hungry trolls to contend with. Finally, players can beat up on some kobolds while gathering flowers. Another facet of this event is that there are a good number of rewards to be earned, such as cosmetic gear and mounts like the Blue Ribbon Pig.

TERA temple

Next on our list of our top five mmo summer events is Festival of the Sun in TERA. This event packs both action and beach-based activities for players. First off, there are random daily quests for the Temple of the Sun. The first is that the Temple of the Sun has been infested with vermin, requiring players to go in and clear them out. Then there's the need for players to clean up the temple by getting rid of garbage, droppings, and graffiti. Finally, players can gather ingredients to create a tasty ice treat. The Beach Party portion of this particular mmo summer event features a number of themed mini-games, such as splash cannon (shoot water at demons), watermelon (smashing watermelons), and building sandcastles. If seeing pandas making sandcastles in an mmorpg doesn't mean summer fun, then I don't know what does.

Lord of the Rings Online
The third entry on our lists of our top five mmo summer events is the Summer Festival in Lord of the Rings Online. You don't have to be a hobbit to enjoy some eating contests, but it will probably help. This mmo summer event features a lot of activities. There is the dwarven keg race that features drinking and fleetness of foot. Players can travel to the Shire and Bree-land to take part in horse racing. Then there's the Taste of Hobbiton that features a test of speed and eating skill. Players can go on scavenger hunts or take part in fishing contests. Of course, there's also lots of dancing, and players can learn some new dances during the event. Finally, players can pick a side as the Ale Association and Inn League go toe-to-toe with each other. Overall, there's a lot of drinking, eating, dancing, horse racing, and fishing to be had during the Summer Festival in LotRO. Unlike most other mmo summer events, the activities for this one are spread out amongst a few different zones.

Lord of the Rings Online eating contest

World of Warcraft
Next on our list of the top five mmo summer events is the Midsummer Fire Festival in World of Warcraft. A lot of events in other games focus on leisure activities or beach fun, but the Midsummer Fire Festival focuses on the heat that is part and parcel of every summer. The highlight of this mmo summer event is the fight against the seasonal boss of Ahune, the Frost Lord. Players can visit bonfires associated with their faction to burn blossoms or seek to snuff out the bonfires of the opposing faction. Other daily quests include slaying enemies of the Fire, catching ten torches in a row, and trying to win a torch tossing game. There's fireworks to be enjoyed and dancing around the Ribbon Pole gives an experience boost. Rewards for the event include costumes, pets, toys, and consumables.

Star Trek Online
The last of our top five mmo summer events is the Lohlunat Festival in Star Trek Online. In this event, starship captains go on some much needed R&R on the planet Risa. One reason why we love this mmo summer event is that it's essentially a sci-fi resort on a tropical island. There are lots of activities for players to do, such as building sandcastles, racing hoverboards, scavenging for artifacts, and taking part in a dance party. The daily floater quest rewards vouchers which can be redeemed for a new starship. There's plenty of accolades to acquire as well as fireworks to enjoy. Probably the best part of the Lohlunat Festival is the sheer amount of cosmetic items that can be picked up. There is a horde of swimwear and beach casual clothing to pick up and add to your clothing collection. In addition, there are numerous pets that can be researched or bought outright.

There you have it, our list of the top five mmo summer events. There's something so enjoyable about romping around on a virtual beach and taking part in summer-themed activities. Even better is that you don't have sand getting into all the nooks and crannies of your body. Did your favorite mmo summer event make our list? If not, let us know in the comments below.


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