Ho! Ho! Ho! Our Favorite Top Five MMO Christmas Events

By Jeff Francis
Top five mmo Christmas events

It's the most magical time of the year. Nothing beats the Christmas season for holiday cheer as carolers sing and much eggnog is quaffed. While stuffing oneself with the Christmas goose and getting presents is grand, this time of year is also great for gamers as the virtual worlds of mmo games come alive with special holiday events. The scope of the events vary considerably from game to game, but they add something special to the gameplay experience while they last. It's time to deck the halls as we discuss our favorite top five mmo Christmas events.

The Secret World Krampus

The Secret World
The first of our top five mmo Christmas events is The Secret World. This online rpg of conspiracies and horror always puts a unique spin on the holiday season. Krampusnacht returns to the game and the mystical portal of Agartha is once again decked out in festive cheer. There are new items to be acquired, and then there's the new Curios and Oddities wing in the Museum of the Occult. For this holiday season, The Secret World brings back three events for players to enjoy: The End of Days (featuring the Mayan apocalypse), The Christmas Conspiracy Event (where players search for the Masonic tomb that contains the remains of Saint Nicholas), and Niflheim (where players travel to the frigid realm and face Hel and the Krampus). This is one of our favorite mmo Christmas events because it's so different from the standard holiday event found in other games.

Marvel Heroes 2016
The second item on our list of the top five Christmas mmo events is found in Marvel Heroes 2016. The difference between this event and others is that it really isn't a true event. Instead, the superhero game is giving something away every day for two full weeks. Some of the items are in-game boosts, such as gaining a 100% rare item find. However, there are some great items for players to get their grubby mitts on. Players can grab the Classic Green Doctor Doom Team-Up for free on December 22nd and get a free Holiday Mystery Box the day after. Players can also snag a free H.E.R.B.I.E. (a red version on December 26th and a green one on December 28th). Personally, I'm looking forward to the free Holiday Groot Team-Up on December 27th, the free Ice Golem pet on December 31st, the free random hero box on January 1st, and the free random costume box on January 2nd. Free gifts? Excelsior!

The next game on our list of our favorite top five mmo Christmas events is RuneScape. This year finds players venturing into the Frostworld questline where Santa gives players their initial marching orders. The second part of the questline features a climatic final battle in a shadowy labyrinth. One of the intriguing aspects of the Frostworld quest is that the actions of the players will be reflected in future content. There are nifty items to be earned, and the game is handing out daily gifts from their in-game Advent Calendar. Players can enjoy racing with a holiday twist as a free Reindeer Terrorbird mount is available. Another reason why this is one of our favorite mmo Christmas events is that players have the opportunity to play content from past holiday events. Personally, I love it when games allow players to enjoy previous content as well as new content.

runescape racing

Star Trek Online
Fourth on our list of our favorite top five mmo Christmas events is Star Trek Online. Every year, the snarky Q returns to whisk players to his Winter Wonderland. This is one of the best mmo Christmas events as it's imaginative and has been updated for the last few years. There are tons of activities to do, such as defending a gingerbread village from attack, fighting hordes of rampaging snowmen, and defending lanes from marauding Borg-assimilated snowmen. This year sees the introduction of Klingon ice fishing, which is a hoot. I love the holiday-themed pets and ton of cosmetic clothing that players can earn. Plus, players who finish the event reputation project will score a sweet new starship. You can read our review of this year's Q's Winter Wonderland here.

The last entry on our list of our favorite top five mmo Christmas events is RIFT. Like some of the other entries on our list, the RIFT holiday event, called Fae Yule, brings back features from previous years, such as There Arose A Clatter and Fae Yule Gifts, while also adding something new. All the Fae Yule quests return, but mmo players can enjoy the new Fae Yule In Iron Pike Peak instant adventure and the new A Very Fae Yule Whitefall warfront. There are lots of new goodies for players to grab, such as the Festive Levitation accessory and the Fae Yule Bearded Cap (now everyone can have a festive beard!). There are winter-themed weapons and a baby dragon companion, but the best new features are the new Subzero dimension for players to build within and new items (such as snowmen, twinkling lights, and colorful characters) to decorate the new dimension with.

As you can see, there's a good range of options for mmo Christmas events for players to choose from. Practically every online game is hosting a seasonal event, so be sure to enjoy them while they last. Do you agree with our list of our favorite top five mmo Christmas events or do you think some other games should have made the cut? Let us know in the comments below.


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