Feel the Hate in Our Top Five Irritating Aspects of MMO Games

By Jeff Francis
Top five irritating aspects of mmo games

There are a lot of reasons to enjoy adventuring in the virtual worlds of online games. With a quick login and a few clicks of the mouse, you can leave the stress of the real world behind and become a mighty warrior, powerful wizard, or seasoned starship captain. We can play mmo games as serious or as casual as we wish, and there's something special about being able to play with people from all over the world. Yet there are some aspects of online gaming that are far from perfect. In fact, you could say that they can make one's teeth grind in frustration. Prepare to feel some hate as we examine the top five irritating aspects of mmo games.

World of Warcraft boar

The first of our top five irritating aspects of mmo games should come as no surprise: grinding. Since the dawn of online games, players have endlessly complained about being forced to spend countless hours grinding to get that coveted piece of gear or to reach a higher level. Nothing says fun like having to go out and kill 10,000 creatures or run a dungeon a few hundred times in order to reach an in-game goal. Out of all of the irritating mmo features that players routinely encounter, we think grinding is the worst of all. Personally, we think that it's a sign of poor game design as developers use it as a substitute for meaningful content. There are times when grinding happens accidentally, as was the case when Age of Conan first launched. Funcom did not expect players to reach the high middle levels in a couple of weeks, so there was a dearth of quests for that part of the game. They quickly learned that gamers are an intensive bunch as many players quickly reached that plateau and were forced to grind, grind away to reach the next level barrier in order to enter new zones.

Next on our list of the top five irritating aspects of mmo games is the never ending quest for the next big thing. One of the staples of online games is the carrot to keep you playing on a daily basis, which is represented by the gear found in new content that is cooler looking and more powerful than your present gear. Playing online games is the virtual equivalent of an arms race. No sooner than you get your hands on a full set of matched gear that you've been grinding several months to get, than a new set comes out that starts the whole process all over again. To be honest, every online game is guilty of this, from World of Warcraft to Black Desert Online, as players do demand something a little bit shinier than what they already have. Still, this also ranks as one of the worst mmo features as it's self-perpetuating and leads to endless grinding.

The third item on our list of the top five irritating aspects of mmo games may surprise you - it's the players. We understand one of the core mmo features is that of playing with others, but there are plenty of times when you come to the realization that a lot of other players are just simply awful human beings. We've all had to deal with trolls in-game as they seek to destroy our having fun. Fortunately, they can be dealt with by using the ignore feature found in most mmo games. But horrible players come in many guises. They can be the ultra-hardcore that treat playing the game as a life-or-death battle. These players are usually found in games like League of Legends or Dota 2, where they will endlessly tell you how much you suck and deserve to die. On the opposite end of the spectrum are the players who don't take anything remotely serious within the game. These are the idiots who foul up raids and dungeon runs by just going crazy. They don't care about you trying to be immersed in the game. This type of player is easily identified with a stupid character name like "ISmelButtz" or "YurMomBitz" or by dancing naked in the game's hubs. There are plenty of times when other players may make you long for being able to play on a private server.

Star Trek Online Klingon

Next on our rundown of the top five irritating aspects of mmo games is the lack of user-created content. While there are a lot of mmo features we love, the main one in our hearts and minds is content, content, and content. Doing the same daily quests and dungeon runs gets tedious after a while. The problem is that it can take quite a bit of time for new content to be released. When Guild Wars 2 first launched, they promised a new Living World update every two weeks, but that schedule was scrapped not long after. The best way to generate new content is to have the players create it themselves. We have to acknowledge that gamers are a creative and crafty bunch, and they're quite capable of coming up with some great quests. The main problem is that the developers need to give them the tools necessary to create content. A number of games, such as Star Trek Online, have a system in place for players to create and share adventures. Of course, it's even better if players can comment on and rate the created quests so that others can see how good or bad they are.

The last of our top five irritating aspects of mmo games is the hype that surrounds them as they're being made. Every game company promotes their upcoming online rpg as a massive leap forward in innovation, immersion, and fun. Intriguing mmo features, classes, and systems are touted, and the hype meter ratchets up and up. Then the game is launched, and reality comes crashing down as the game turns out to be a minor variation on all the games that have come before. It would be refreshing to see a game touted as just being fun to play and easy to learn instead of an immersive experience that will have you questioning reality itself. Overhyping a game leads to frustration and disappointment, and it's damn irritating.

Overall, there are a lot of things about online games that are fun and worth doing, but these top five irritating aspects of mmo games are not them. They only serve to suck the joy out of online gaming, and it would be great if we could ever shed them completely. Do you agree with the horrid mmo features cited above or are there different aspects of mmo games that drive you crazy? Let us know in the comments below.


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