Unleash the Crazy with Our Top Five Goofy MMO Games

By Jeff Francis
Top five goofy mmo games

Many gamers view playing their favorite online games as serious business. A lot of time and effort is spent creating an optimal build, raids are carefully planned, and a good deal of focus is geared towards keeping a guild vibrant and functional. It's understandable to take mmorpg games so seriously as we spend so many hours within their virtual worlds, but there should also be some goofy fun as well. After all, games are supposed to be fun in the first place. There are a number of games that offer some fun gameplay where you can blow off some steam and just have a smile on your face. Prepare to pull my finger as we list our top five goofy mmo games.

Card Hunter
The first of our top five goof mmo games is Card Hunter. This browser mmo is a superbly designed game that mixes the mechanics of collectible card games, board games, and old school D&D-style role-playing. Players create a party of adventurers and go on quests that are played out on maps, and each piece of gear has various cards associated with it. What makes Card Hunter a goofy mmo is that it has its tongue planted firmly in its cheek. The graphics are very retro and designed to put a smile on your face. The real kicker is the ongoing narrative featuring the hapless Gary as DM and his older brother, Melvin, who is pretty insufferable. The tropes of tabletop gaming are firmly skewered in this game, which makes Card Hunter a perfect choice for old school gamers to have a ton of fun while going on dungeon runs.

If you really enjoy K-pop, then the next of our top five goofy mmo games is for you. Touch is an mmo that is based solely around dancing to K-pop tunes. This game is surprisingly addictive (you can read our review here), and players can unlock more songs to dance to as they level up. There are several different locales for players to get their groove on, and players can enjoy dancing with others. I'm definitely not the target demographic for Touch (being 47), but I do go back from time to time as it's so damn infectious to play. It's harmless, goofy fun dancing to a myriad of K-pop tunes with your anime-inspired avatar, which is definitely a good thing if you get tired of killing monsters or going on raids.

Goat MMO Simulator
For sheer absurdity, you can't beat Goat MMO Simulator, which comes in third on our list of the top five goofy mmo games. You ever had the urge to go on quests in a fantasy setting while also being a majestic goat? Well, now you can! Goat MMO Simulator is a DLC for the popular Goat Simulator and allows players to play as one of five different classes: warrior, rouge (that's how they spell it!), magician, hunter, and microwave. There's even faction warfare between goats and sheep. Featuring the crazy unpredictable physics of the base game in a fantasy setting is just insane mayhem. This is a game that you play when you just want to have some crazy, oddball fun. You'll need to buy the base game of Goat Simulator to use this DLC, but you'll be in good company as there have been more than 2.5 million copies sold across various platforms.

Ever wonder what your toys do when you're not around? Well, according to the next of our top five goofy mmo games, they're going to war with one another. MicroVolts is a shooter featuring a number of toys battling it out in a lot of different game modes and maps. Each toy has access to the same weapons, so there's no real wrong choice. What makes MicroVolts so goofy is the simple fact that it's a really solid shooter where everything is from the perspective of toys. Each toy has their own unique personality, such as the hip hop Knox or the anime-styled Naomi. What really pushes the fun factor are the cool maps, which showcase the game's larger-than-life, toy-based world. Some examples include the Rumpus Room and Hobby Shop. If seeing toys fighting a life-or-death struggle in imaginative settings, then MicroVolts is for you.

Team Fortress 2
The last of our top five goofy mmo games is Team Fortress 2. This mmofps is perfect for when you want to lighten up and just go bonkers while trying to kill other players. The selling point of the game is the myriad of colorful characters that the gamer can play, such as the Heavy Weapons Guy or the Spy (my mortal enemy!). There are a lot of different maps and game modes, such as Payload and Capture the Flag. Team Fortress 2 is the perfect game for when you have a few minutes to spare and you want get in some shooter action. Just like some of the other titles on our list, this game is definitely tongue-in-cheek, but it's also a really great shooter in its own right. Even better is that you can jump in and out of matches with ease. Personally, I find playing Team Fortress 2 to be a hoot and a great stress reliever.

Not every online game has to be totally serious as is evident by our top five goofy mmo games. There are plenty of times when a player just wants to indulge in some mindless mayhem or have a smile on their face while they adventure. Do you agree with our list of goofy mmo games or are there others you would add? Let us know in the comments below.


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