Bust a Gut with Our Top Five Funny MMO Videos

By Jeff Francis
Top five funny mmo videos

The virtual worlds of online games offer a lot of things to players: epic quests, fearsome monsters to fight, and hordes of glittering treasure. One feature that many mmo games do not regularly offer is humor. To be sure, there can be some amusing quests or NPCs that the player may come across, but a regular dose of laugh-out-loud humor is often missing. There are some valid reasons for this. One, humor is not universal as what's funny in one culture is often not in another. Another reason for a luck of humor is that humor can quickly get stale with repeated exposure. Nobody minds fighting monsters every day but dealing with the same joke, pun, or humorous situation on a daily basis gets old real quick. Yet humor can be found in our favorite games, and they're often seen in some great videos. Let's take a break from killing bad guys to just chill and enjoy our top five funny mmo videos.

World of Warcraft
The first of our top five funny mmo videos is courtesy of World of Warcraft. Blizzard made a number of commercials featuring popular actors and celebrities, such as Mr. T and William Shatner, but the pinnacle of these is the one with Chuck Norris. Seeing him kick incredible amount of butt in the video is funny enough, but what pushes it over the top is how it ties into all the Chuck Norris memes that had built up over the internet. My personal favorite line in the commercial is "There are ten million people in World of Warcraft ... because Chuck Norris allows them to live!" Plus, his screeching feline sidekick just seals the deal.

Coming in next on our list of our top five funny mmo videos is the class introduction video from WildStar. This particular mmorpg created quite a few funny videos to get players pumped for its launch. My pick of the bunch is this one where a bad guy laments his continuing punishment from the various classes found in the game. I love it that he gets progressively beat up as the video continues. "My poor liver ain't been working for weeks!" The bit at the end with the Engineer is just comedy gold. While WildStar may not have lived up to its initial hype, I do give credit to them for trying to create a more light-hearted world.

Big savings are part of the next of our top five funny mmo videos. We've all grown up watching those terrible used car commercials that promise big, big savings, and Paladins uses this format to create a really great video. Created for an in-game sale, Biz-King's Blowout Crystal Sale is funny as hell. The creators of this video really go the distance as a guy dressed as the Bomb King makes his pitch in a car lot, and they do a tremendous job of getting the cheap feel of a used car commercial. The highlight of this funny mmo video is the bit where Bomb King offers a hug, but then a disclaimer appears on the bottom of the screen that says, "Must be 18 years or older to hug Bomb King. No exclusions apply." While the entire video is humorous, that bit just pushes it to the top.

Team Fortress 2
Fourth on our list of the top five funny mmo videos is "Meet the Spy" from Team Fortress 2. This particular game should offer clinics on how to make funny mmo videos as they're all doozies. However, I think the Spy one is the best of the bunch as we get to see several of the characters being goofy. The highlight of this video is of the blue Spy pulling out pictures of the blue Scout's mother having sex with the red Spy. The reactions from the Soldier and Heavy are just priceless. If you ever need a laugh, just sit down and watch all of the Team Fortress 2's videos on their characters.

Dark Souls
The last of our top five funny mmo videos comes from Dark Souls. This particular choice is something of a curveball compared to the others as it's a video created by players riffing on the insanely popular video by Marlon Webb that became a viral sensation. I've seen dozens of versions of the Webb video using cosplayers at conventions, but it's a hoot seeing it done in the virtual world of Dark Souls. The dark and deadly nature of the game makes this goofy video even more funny. The creatures just staring at the dancing guys really cracks me up. Plus, who doesn't love the giant crow dancing with them at the end?

There you have it, our list of the top five funny mmo videos. Doing the daily grind in most games can wear you down, so it's nice to relax a bit and fire up a funny video to lighten the mood and put a smile on your face. Why watch a cat video when you can enjoy some mmo high jinks? What are your favorite funny mmo videos? Let us know in the comments below.


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