Our Top Five Tips to Survive the First Few Hours in Conan Exiles

By Jeff Francis
Top five Conan Exiles tips

The world of Conan as created by Robert E. Howard is a harsh and unforgiving one. Funcom originally tackled this setting in their Age of Conan mmo, but they have decided to up the hardcore ante with Conan Exiles, their sandbox survival game. Players are literally dropped into the game's virtual world buck naked and are expected to fight and claw for survival. The first few hours of the game are especially deadly as the player starts off with nothing and faces, not only a deadly environment, but also some fearsome foes. In order to lend a helping hand, we offer our top five Conan Exiles tips for surviving the first few hours.

Find Water
The first of our top five Conan Exiles tips for surviving is to find a source of water. This is the most critical threat facing the player when the game begins. Conan Exiles is incredibly harsh, and players will have their characters die from lack of food and water. However, water is the most critical. Players should open their map and located the nearest source of water (lies north of their starting position) and head there immediately to drink their fill. In the early stages of the game, it's wise not to wander too far away from a water source. There is danger, though, as creatures and bad guys can also be found near water.

Conan Exiles water

Pick Up Everything
Next on our list of the top five Conan Exiles tips for surviving the first few hours is to pick up anything and everything you can, especially branches and small rocks. You will use these two items to create a stone hatchet, your earliest mode of defense. Players should also scavenge every bush they come across as they yield plant fibers as well as insects (which you can eat!). Plant fibers are used to create your basic clothing to cover your nakedness, and branches and plant fibers are used to make improvised torches so that you can see at night. Don't forget to pick up those giant grubs as well as they make for some great nourishment.

Build a Bedroll
Death is a constant threat in this online rpg. One of the nasty aspects of dying is that you drop all the stuff you're carrying and are spawned back at the original starting place. However, the third of our top five Conan Exiles tips can help you spawn at a place of your choosing. As soon as you are able to, craft a fiber bedroll (twine, branches, and plant fibers) at a suitable spot for a base camp. Once you interact with the bedroll, it will serve as your spawn point. Once you die and respawn, the bedroll will disappear. Eventually, you will want to build a bed, which will not go away when used.

Make a Fire
Ancient people knew of the power of fire, and so will you once you begin playing the game. The next of our top five Conan Exiles tips to survive the first few hours is to build a campfire once you've located a suitable site for a base camp. A campfire provides some nice illumination during the dark and scary night, but you should be careful to place it so as to not draw unwanted attention. You can feed the fire with branches, coal, plant fibers, bark, and wood (taken from trees). The main benefit of the campfire is cooking meat, which you get from hunting animals. The meat that you collect from hunting is often riddled with parasites, which will make you sick or even kill you. Cooking meat is a way to preserve the meat for a short time and make it safe for consumption. Unlike Frankenstein's Monster, fire good!

Conan Exiles branches

Swimming is Your Friend
The last of our top five Conan Exiles tips for early survival is one that may not last. The mmo is still in early access, so some features will likely change in the future. As of right now, swimming can be your best friend when trying to escape bad guys or creatures. Enemies that are chasing you will not follow you into the water, so you can swim back and forth across a river to escape your pursuers. I've managed to stave off death quite a few times by diving into the water and swimming away. I would recommend having pants on as you will get an eyeful otherwise. Again, this may change in later versions, so take advantage of it now while you still can. Obviously, this does not apply to other players chasing you down.

We hope that these Conan Exiles tips for surviving will help you in your early forays into the brutal world of Hyboria. Practically every thing in the game has a use, so pick up all that you can. Find water, build a bedroll, and make fire are essential ingredients to lasting more than a few minutes. Do you agree with our list of the top five Conan Exiles tips or do you have other suggestions you would make instead? Let us know in the comments below.


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