From Troll to Know-it-Alls! Our Top Five Annoying MMO Players

By Jeff Francis
Top five annoying mmo players

The virtual world of online games can serve as a great escape from the drudgery and irritations of real life. However, this does not mean that logging into your favorite online rpg will always be a carefree exercise in fun and peace of mind. The reality of online gaming is that you'll have to play with other people, and many of those people are looking to get in the way of you having a good time, either intentionally or unintentionally. There are a number of player types that just seem to get under one's skin on a consistent basis. It's time to grab our industrial-sized bottle of antacid and examine the top five annoying mmo players.

mmo troll

The Troll
The first of our top five annoying mmo players is the most obvious choice: the troll. This particular type of annoying mmo player has long been the bane of existence for those players just looking to have some fun. Nothing makes the mmo troll happier than ruining your day and getting your blood pressure up. The troll prefers to hang out in hubs or in special event zones to spew their venom, usually bringing up politics or religion to drive other players insane. They also love messing with you in a PvP setting if they have you clearly outmatched in gear and level, as happened to me long ago in Age of Conan. The old adage of "don't feed the troll" is something that every online gamer should memorize.

The Gold Seller
The second of our top five annoying mmo players is another old favorite: the gold seller. These enterprising hustlers can be found in practically every online game, especially free-to-play ones. The gold seller offers stupendous deals, and they will endlessly let you know about these deals with their constant spam in chat. The ignore list for my Neverwinter account reads like a phone book due to having to wade through them every time I go to Protector's Enclave. Unlike the troll, the mmo gold seller is essentially harmless, but it can be quite irritating having to wade through their wall of spam if you're having an in-game conversation with other players.

mmo gold farmers

The Gold Farmer
Next on our list of the top five annoying mmo players is the cousin to the gold seller: the gold farmer. He serves as the means of production (gold) that the salesman (gold seller) pushes. The gold farmer can be found in most online games, working industrially to harvest resources to convert to in-game cash. When I first got into World of Warcraft, I listened to many players griping about the prevalence of gold farmers. On one hand, I don't really mind the gold farmer looking for resources and items, but they can be a huge annoyance when they prevent you from completing quests. There were a number of times where I had to gather hides from specific beasts or kill a number of creatures in a certain area but I instead found myself competing with a gold farmer. They would tag and kill the creatures I needed before I could even touch my mouse. Quests that would have taken me only five to ten minutes to complete would take me hours spread out over several days to complete. The good news is that as more games have switched over to instanced content, the annoyance factor of gold sellers has dropped.

The Know-it-All
Coming in next on our list of the top five annoying mmo players is the mix/maxer or know-it-all. This odious buffoon has made it his life's work to understand every facet of the mmorpg that you're playing, from the various classes to the ultimate skill rotation. They lack any true originality and endlessly complain if your character's build is not an exact copy of the current favorite build out there. They will constantly tell you how you're playing your class wrong, that you're not using the right gear, and that your skill selection and rotation is incredibly crappy. To this annoying mmo player type, there is only one right way to play an online game: their way. They do not recognize choices made for interest or fun, and they utterly despise you making a choice based upon your character's persona (if you have a background for your character, which is often done for role-playing reasons). The know-it-all or min/maxer take even the most wide-open sandbox game and somehow transform into an experience on rails. The fact that your chosen build allows you to still complete dungeons and survive raid bosses without using the perfect min/max build gives them the vapors. A corollary of this annoying mmo player type is the fusion of the know-it-all and the troll, which is usually found in moba games like League of Legends. In such instances, they will endlessly rail at you if you do not play like a seasoned pro who games ten hours a day and knows every nuance of every champion and map.

League of Legends champions

The Clinger
The last of our top five annoying mmo players is the clinger. This particular type of mmo gamer is one of the more subtly irritating gamers as they sneak up on you. The clinger acts initially as your friend, usually someone you were in a party with and somehow got along really well. The next week or so feels good as the clinger joins you on many quests, but the shoe turns as you realize that the clinger is always there when you log in....every matter when. You can log in at 3:30 in the morning, and they'll send you a tell within thirty seconds. They don't take no for wanting to join up for an adventure and will constantly bombard you with various chat messages if you don't deign to join them. The clinger becomes a virtual shadow, following you from zone to zone and even from character to character. They want to be the best virtual buddy you never wished for, and they will never leave you alone. Too bad you can't get a restraining order against these virtual stalkers.

As you can see, there are some differing player types that make up our list of the top five annoying mmo players. Whether they're a gold seller, a clinger, or a troll, they always act as an impediment for you to have a good time and just relax within the game. They crop up in every mmo, with some types being found in specific genres of online games, such as mobas or free-to-play. Do you agree with our top five annoying mmo players or do you have different ones in mind? Let us know in the comments below.


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