Top 10 Free MMORPG & MMO Games 2012

By Rachel Rosen
top 10 free mmorpg mmo games 2012

The Free MMO Community has seen an explosion of games in the last few years, as well as many former pay-to-play models converting to the Free 2 Play models. This brings some highly competitive and high quality games to the MMORPG community, and gives us a chance to see who is the best of the best in F2P today.

10. Forsaken World

forsaken world

Forsaken World is a classic fantasy MMORPG that stands out with a great variety in choices when it comes to races, classes, and character professions. With multiple crafting professions as well as in game competitions and events, there is plenty to do outside the scope of hack and slash while developing your characters. If you're looking for a new game to satisfy your RPG cravings, Forsaken World will give you your fill.

9. Allods Online


Allods Online in an MMORPG that combines traditional fantasy with some hints of sci-fi which creates a unique overall feel. The character creation options stand out in Allods Online by giving you the choice between two separate factions, each with unique races. Depending on which race you chose your class will use different abilities than the other races equivalents, allowing you to explore the game various ways . With the in depth character customization and unique setting and story. If you're looking for a unique style in an MMO or enjoy playing a large variety of character styles, Allods Online is a great choice!

8. Pirate Storm

pirate storm

Pirate Storm is a free Browser based Pirate themed MMO released by Bigpoint. The gameplay in Pirate storm is focused on combat. You control a sailing ship and have to fend off enemy ships and a variety of sea monsters while exploring the vast Oceans. Pirate storm is available in may languages, and all items in the Premium store are also available to purchase with the in game currency. Because it's a browser based game, there is little to no download time! If you fancy plundering some booty on the high seas, then sail on over to Pirate Storm!

7. DC Universe Online

dc universe online

Developed by Sony Online Entertainment, DC Universe Online started as a pay to play game, but has since adopted the free to play model. DC Universe Online is an action based MMORPG which of course takes place in the DC Comics Universe. You can create a hero or villain with a wide variety of customization including your personalized emblem, movement style, weapon, and of course your super power! You can fight along side classic super heroes and villains as you progress through the story which includes dungeons and raids in locations such as the Fortress of Solitude and the Batcave. Solid story, Great Character customization, fast paced action. If you are a comic book fan, the only thing left between you and saving the world is a few mouse clicks.

6. Dungeons and Dragons Online


D&D is the pen and paper Grand-daddy of role playing. Despite being around for 6 years, DDO is still one of the best free to play games out there. DDO is an RPG that uses a combat system called the Active Battle System. You don't just click on your target and wait for your character to react, you get to control every action in real time. Skill based combat means you have to aim and time your attacks while dodging your enemies. Whether you're new to RPG's or you grew up rolling dice in your parents basement, Dungeons & Dragons Online is a role playing experience you won't forget.

5. Lord of the Rings Online


Lord of the Rings Online is another great example of an MMORPG that has adopted the free to play model. The fantastic world created by J.R.R. Tolkein is the setting and by playing you can help save Middle Earth from the terrible evils. You can play as an Elf, Hobbit, Dwarf, or Human each of which has some race unique classes. A good story in a classic fantasy world. Customizable player housing. Lord of the Rings Online is part of the foundation of modern fantasy games, so don't miss out on the chance to play this MMO! Plus you can get your fix while waiting for the Hobbit movie!

4. Runes of Magic

runes of magic

Released in 2009, Runes of Magic is still growing and remains one of the best free to play MMORPGS. You will notice right away that this resembles another popular MMO in almost every aspect, except this one is Free! Runes of Magic features solid gameplay, colorful graphics, multiple races and classes, traveling mounts, item customization, dungeon raids, and guild castles. Runes of Magic is very popular and has a high player base. It's been around for a years now and has several content expansions to build on the foundation of a successful MMO.

3. Vindictus


Vindictus is an MMORPG created by Nexon and features a number of unique elements. Vindictus is an action packed MMO with real time physics and an exciting combat system. The source engine it uses enables details like destructible environments and intelligent hit boxes which show wounds on your enemies in the precise location they took the blow. The boss mechanics also provide a unique experience and require coordination within your group to complete individual objectives to achieve victory. If you want to do more than just auto attack a giant slug, give Vindictus a go!

2. Aion: Ascension

Aion: Ascension

Aion: Ascension is an angel themed epic MMORPG made by NCSoft, the creators of Guild Wars. It has recently gone free to play, and there is a large amount of content and several expansions available. Aion features a combat system that supports one on one and group combat, including the ability to use combos, skill chains, counter attacks, and aerial tactics. The ability to fly is not simply a faster form of travel, but an added element to combat! Important MMO aspects including PvP, pets, crafting, and character customization are all accounted for in this MMO.

1. League of Legends

League of Legends

Boasting the abbreviation LoL, League of Legends is sure to provide you with hours of fun! LoL is an MOBA, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena - pitting two teams of 3 to 5 players against each other in an epic battle. Each player controls a single hero or Champion on the battle field. The object of the game is to destroy the enemies main nexus building, but other game modes such as the Dominion, in which players fight for control of points on the map, are available. There is a huge player base with a large variety of champions to unlock and play for constant content. The unique runes and masteries system allows for further customization. While League of Legends isn't a traditional MMO, it is in competition with StarCraft 2 for position as the #1 game in E-Sports. Also, according to Forbes, it is officially the most played PC game in North America and Europe, having more than twice the recorded amount of play time as World of Warcraft.

With Star Wars: The Old Republic going free to play soon, it is an easy contender for the top 10 Free MMORPG of the year.

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