Beam Down the Fun in Our Star Trek Online Summer Event Review

By Jeff Francis
Star Trek Online summer event review

There are times when starship captains need a break from exploring strange new worlds, seeking out life forms and civilizations, and going boldly where no man has gone before. Fortunately for players of the Star Trek Online free mmo, the opportunity for rest and relaxation can be found during the summer months. Instead of engaging in deadly space battles, players can frolic on the beaches of the beautiful world of Risa and soak up the sun to get that perfect tan. It's time to swap out that Starfleet uniform with some stylish swimwear as we offer up our Star Trek Online summer event review.

Star Trek Online dance party

Let's start our Star Trek Online summer event review with the basics. The event, called the Lohlunat Festival, takes place on the planet Risa. Players can quickly warp there and then beam down to the planet's surface. Once there, there are plenty of activities that can be enjoyed that offer a currency, called Lohlunat Favor, as rewards. These favors can then be spent on a bunch of different items, including cosmetic gear, pets, duty officers, and equipment. The ultimate reward for the STO summer event is a new starship, which can be earned by redeeming a thousand vouchers. Players can earn forty vouchers a day through a daily mission of flying through three aerial obstacle courses while using a floater.

Let's turn our attention in this Star Trek Online summer event review to the nitty-gritty. The design of the Lohlunat Festival is extremely well done. STO (which you can play for free here) does a tremendous job in capturing a summer resort experience within the game. There are a slew of activities for the players to take part in, and most of these are on a timer which can be conveniently checked by the player to see when they're coming up. The activities on a timer include the dance party, Horga'hn Hunt, powerboard race, the artifact scavenger hunt, and the new Risa Biathlon. Artifacts can be scavenged at other times, but the reward is less. Then there are events that can be done at any time, even though they do have a small cooldown timer. These activities include building sand castles and doing the aerial obstacle course (which only rewards Lohlunat Favor in this case).

Personally, I always enjoy going back to Risa to take part in the STO summer event. The planet of Risa looks tremendous, being a gorgeous tropical island with high lava-style mountains and azure skies. It's a very relaxing setting, and there are even lounge chairs on the beach that mmo players can use. There's nothing to fight on the island resort at all, so the player can just enjoy the Lohlunat Festival in peace. The floater and powerboards only work on Risa, and they're a lot of fun. The floater allows the player to fly around the island, checking out the sights. The powerboard is essentially a hovering surfboard and is often used for racing (or for just silly fun). There are quite a few accolades that the player can pick up, and getting around the island is a snap as there's a fast travel system that transports the player to either the resort, promenade, or Qwen's camp.

Star Trek Online Risa Biathlon

The main component of the Star Trek Online summer event are the activities. Most of them are really fun to do. The powerboard races are always a blast, even if I go careening off the course for getting my speed too jacked up. Building sand castles or monuments is always therapeutic, and it is sly fun to be able to destroy someone else's creation. Personally, I always get a kick out of the dance party, which rewards players with Lohlunat Favors for doing a series of dances. I do admit that hearing "do the snake!" so often can lend itself to that phrase getting stuck in your head. The Horga'hn Hunt can be done pretty quickly if your floater is of the fast variety. The new Risa Biathlon is a lot of fun as it combines powerboard racing and floater flying. An important thing to remember is that when you're finishing up the powerboard portion of the event to pass under the blue and then red banners. If you don't, you'll be disqualified. The only activity I don't care for is the artifact scavenger hunt. Trying to complete this event can be frustrating as the directions offered while doing it are pretty vague. It is easier to complete if you use a map that has been compiled by players showing the various artifact locations as this will allow you narrow down the search without having to scan every ten feet. Still, only one non-thrilling activity out of so many is still really good.

So what's the verdict in our Star Trek Online summer event review? Personally, I enjoy this event a lot and give it a solid thumbs-up. It's my second favorite event in the mmorpg, with Q's Winter Wonderland being my favorite. The setting is relaxing and gorgeous, and the activities are really enjoyable, with the exception of the scavenger hunt. One of the best features of the Lohlunat Festival is of the many rewards that the player can pick up. There is a ton of cosmetic clothing that is perfect for the beach or the outdoors, not to mention summer-themed gear as well. Players can raise tropical birds and feathered monkeys, and there are plenty of additional pets that can be purchased. My favorite new vanity pet is the sand castle. Of course, getting a new starship is always icing on the cake. I would recommend picking up the fastest possible powerboard and floater in order to finish some activities as quickly as possible as well as staying competitive in the races. I definitely recommend taking some R&R on Risa to take part in the STO summer event. Besides, where else but the Lohlunat Festival are you going to see Gorns, Klingons, Andorians, Romulans, and humans all dancing together in a tropical setting?


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